By Dudley McGarity

If you found this article while surfing the web or in a Google Search, you may have also noticed some other articles that present an extremely negative picture of both Blackpowder Products, Inc. and our CVA muzzleloading brand.  Unfortunately, this is nothing new to us, as most of it relates to Connecticut Valley Arms, Inc.’s Voluntary Recall — which was initiated way back in 1997.  Most of these negative “articles” are actually several years old, but it seems that every so often they resurface and cause a rash of new internet chatter.  As the CEO of BPI, I’d like to provide you with a little background information that will give you some insight as to why these persons would practice this “internet terrorism” against our company.

You’ll notice that all of these “hit pieces” originate from one of two individuals.   One of them has been engaged in an internet smear campaign against BPI and our CVA brand for several years now.  Interestingly, the last time we checked, he works part-time for one of our competitors, Savage Arms Company.  As for the other, he is a private investigator employed by a law firm that specializes in product liability lawsuits. Over the past several years, both of these men have essentially been working together for this law firm, apparently in the pursuit of clients for whom the firm can potentially file gun accident lawsuits against BPI.   As a part of this effort, the private investigator has recently set up a website on which he publishes, for the most part, information from the various court filings that were made in relation to accidents that occurred during the use of these recalled CVA guns – guns that were made in 1995 and 1996.  Needless to say, neither of these “gentlemen” could be considered unbiased commentators on CVA products.  To the contrary, both have a financial interest in publicizing only the information — be it selected, partial, distorted, and/or blatantly false — that would provide some sort of advantage to their law firm and/or publicly damage the reputation and business of BPI/CVA.

As for the recall, it is certainly no secret that, way back in 1997, Connecticut Valley Arms, Inc. did in fact initiate a voluntary recall of one design of an in-line gun that was made in 1995 and 1996.  And, it is also no secret that a number of people were injured with these guns.  However, Connecticut Valley Arms, Inc. took responsibility at that time by issuing the recall, and BPI (the current owner of the CVA brand) is continuing the recall effort in an attempt to find all of these guns.  So far, about 96% of the approximately 55,000 recalled guns have been accounted for.  The CVA Voluntary Recall is still in effect, and BPI continues to mention this in our CVA catalogs and on our CVA web page, and will be until every recall gun is found.  Other than the voluntary recall of these 1995 and 1996 guns, no other CVA gun model has ever been recalled for any reason. 

Now, in regard to the present rather than the past, the guns that are marketed under the CVA brand today bear little if any design similarity to those that were recalled in 1997.  In fact, none of the barrels we use today are sourced from outside vendors.  Rather, they are all made in the Bergara Barrels factory, a facility that is wholly owned by our parent company.  In addition to building the barrels for all CVA guns, Bergara Barrels also makes some of the most respected after market barrels available today, as well as providing barrels to many other highly reputed gun manufacturers throughout the world.  Because of our direct control over the barrel making processes, today’s CVA guns, when used as instructed, are as safe as any muzzleloader on the market.  Also, in terms of materials and construction, they are of equal, if not superior, quality to those of any of our competitors.  This fact has been illustrated by the success that the CVA brand has enjoyed for the better part of a decade now – as the # 1 selling muzzleloader brand in the world.

As a potential or present CVA owner, it is essential that you are able to use our guns with total confidence.  And, certainly, reading the ramblings of characters like those I mention above can understandably shake that confidence.  While there is nothing we can ever do that will erase the history of a product recall from 15 years ago, I do hope that I have provided you with a balancing perspective that will counter the misinformation that you may read about our company on the internet.

If you’d like to learn more about today’s CVA guns, and why they are now taking the market by storm, please check out our website at

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  • cvamuzzleloaders Post author


    It looks like it hasn’t been checked in from the back yet. I’ll send you an email so I can check the tracking number and check on that for you. Once I find it, I’ll be sure to get a conversion for the #11 caps for you on the replacement Buckhorn.

    CVA Digital Support

  • Rocky Falleti

    I recently bought a CVA OptimaV2 with the thumb hole. I went out today to fine tune it and the scope would not adjust up or down. At the club where I shoot there were 2 other men waiting to shoot, One was a policeman and the other his friend. The policeman stated he had the same gun and scope and had to replace the scope as it was defective.. The man with him said his brother had the same problem with the same set up. I shot over 20 shots and could not get the scope to move. I took mine back to Dicks Sporting goods and while there a 4th one came back for the same thing, the scope. The scope is a Konus 3X9 and my thinking is that why CVA would make a fine muzzleloader ( and it is ) and put such a junk scope on it? Dicks replaced the scope but now I have to see if this one is any better. I would have been happier if the scope was not included and bought my own, which I plan to do after the season. The season is in 2 days from now. I guess thats what you get when you get a scope included. Vey disappointed in CVA.

  • dfhunter2

    Thanks for the information on the CVA Bobcat. I will check it out this weekend. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, we’ve been having computer problems. Getting it worked on tomorrow.

  • cvamuzzleloaders Post author


    I am sorry to hear about your problems. Here is the contact page for Konus: They are usually very good about correcting any issues one might have with the scope. Their telephone number is 1-305-884-7618 if you would rather contact them this way. Usually they will just replace defective scopes.

    CVA Digital Support

  • BuckStalker

    Thank you for this article. I just purchased a CVA Optima V2 Muzzleloader a few weeks ago. I took it out to the range this past weekend shot a few rounds and I absolutely love it! When I got home I decided to cruise the internet and I came across this article by Randy Wakeman, ( It scared the hell out of me! I Then searched for another point of view on this gun and found this article which restored my confidence in buying this Muzzleloader.

    I have been on plenty of outdoor forums and read favorable reviews on the cva muzzleloaders which is why I chose CVA in the first place. People like Randy Wakeman are a discredit to the whole Muzzleloading community. we should be encouraging this wonderful sport not discouraging it.

    When I received my CVA Optima it came with a rear broken sight. I made a call to CVA and they sent me a new sight, jag and a ramrod palm saver with no hassle at all. Now that’s quality service.

    Thank you with Best Regards
    Dan W.

  • Chad

    I have friend that owns a cva apex and has let it sit for a couple of seasons in his basement, so the CVA Apex the frame that houses the trigger assembly and the hammer have pretty much been ruined. Is there a way to order just the frame for this muzzle-loader? I have looked online and it seems to be out of stock or discontinued everywhere. Any ideas of where to buy this? If not, the accurra frame looks like it is the same design could he swap out the old apex muzzle loader frame for the Accura frame? Any help on this would be awesome!

  • John

    I have owned two CVA Optima’s. Saw the first one and it was love at first sight. Sold that rifle for about what I paid for it. Bought the next Optima to get the new breech plug design and stainless steel. I have had nothing but good times and experiences with both my Optima’s. Any questions I have had were answered quickly and completely leaving absolutely no confusion. I have enjoyed the ease in which these rifles loaded and shot. For a first timer six years ago these rifles made it easy and inexpensive to get into Muzzle loading. I’ve been hooked on muzzle loading ever since. Every time I see and feel this rifle you can’t but realize the fine quality and craftsmanship. So to all those nay sayer’s I can only say get a life!

  • cvamuzzleloaders Post author


    The reason you cannot find it online is that it is regulated by the ATF, therefore requires an FFL to purchase. You can order one directly from us if you have an FFL or get a dealer to order one for you by calling 770-449-4687.

    CVA Digital Support

  • James

    I am having a problem getting based, mounts for my cva wind river the new frontier. The bolts or screws are to small . I need some help.

  • stan muszynski

    Hello , I ve read reviews on the stocks having broken sling mounts, and here I read a customer by the name of Jason, waited nearly 2 months for an answer . This is customer service ? I ve been excited to order an accura v2 thumbhole with nitride…but after reading the posts below, and the exploding barrels issue,,ya ya i know 15 years ago..regardless service after the sale guys, 2 months is sloooooooski…Now I am rethinking I really want to take a chance of the headache ?

  • cvamuzzleloaders Post author


    I’ve never heard of someone waiting 2 months for an answer from us, so I apologize whatever happened there. The email may have gotten stuck in a spam folder. If that breaks and you call us, we have a new forend out for you in 24 hours, unless its a Friday, then it is sent out on Monday. If anything breaks on the gun and it needs a repair, our lead time right now is 2-3 weeks. During season, obviously it’s longer, but that’s generally how our warranty services work.

    CVA Digital Support

  • Rudy Reinholz

    These two jokers an I know them well by the crap they wrote .It is nothing but crap If you load 60 gr. then a ball or bullet then them put a load un top of that one you have a bomb. I don’t care what gun you have right Randy