The NEW Apex CVA Muzzleloader vs. the T/C Encore 75

The new Apex rifle is superior to the T/C Encore in a variety of aspects. The Apex offers you a better muzzleloading rifle for less money than the T/C and beats the T/C across the board with everything you want in a quality rifle.

The Barrel & Scope Rail Base

The Bergara barrel on the NEW Apex CVA muzzleloader is the closest thing to a custom barrel that you will find with a stock rifle. The quality of this barrel provides increased accuracy which will pay off when you’re trying to hit your target. We guarantee that the Bergara barrel will result in increased accuracy over the Encore’s factory barrel. The CVA muzzleloader has barrel fluting, while the Encore does not. Barrel fluting offers faster cooling and a reduced barrel weight. You get both of these features for $300 less than the Encore. When shooting for the best possible accuracy, a scope rail is one of the best ways to ensure hitting your target every time. The CVA Apex muzzleloader comes standard with the Durasight Z2 rail base while the T/C Encore does not. Paying an extra $300 for the T/C, a rifle with lesser features, really doesn’t make sense.

The Adjustable Trigger & Breech Plug

The Apex offers the unique ability to adjust the trigger weight. This is a feature not available on the T/C which is standard at 4.75 lbs. The Apex CVA muzzleloader, however, offers an adjustable trigger weight down to 3 lbs. Additionally, the Apex allows you to remove the breech plug with absolutely no tools. However, with the standard Encore, you have to use tools, making a simple task cumbersome. There is no substitute to simplicity, which gives the Apex CVA muzzleloading rifle a clear advantage over the Encore’s rifle.

Extra Benefits of the Apex CVA Muzzleloader

You will not find a better recoil pad than on the CVA muzzleloading Apex rifle. There is no comparison to the old ventilated pad that the standard Encore uses. The Apex rifle also comes with one of the best slings on the market ‚Äì the Quake Claw Sling. “All Grip, and No Slip” gives you unparalleled peace of mind; the Encore doesn’t even come with a sling.

The Apex’s Value

With all of the advantages of the Apex rifle, why would you ever pay $822.70 for the T/C Encore, when you could get the Apex CVA muzzleloader starting at only $576.95? It is one thing to pay less for lower quality, but when you can get a better rifle for less money, there shouldn’t be any difficulty making the right decision. The NEW Apex is your best choice for a brand new muzzleloading rifle.

If you’re still not convinced the NEW Apex CVA muzzleloader is right for you, come take a look on our website at

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75 thoughts on “The NEW Apex CVA Muzzleloader vs. the T/C Encore

  • Mike

    Thanks for the quick response. One more question about the slug barrel. Do you have a recommended sabot or like with most rifled barrels, will a lot of testing different slugs be needed?

  • pbonura

    Also have a question on the forearm required for the slug and turkey barrel. What type is required?

  • Dudley McGarity

    pbonua: Same forestock as for muzzleloader works just fine with the shotgun barrels. Thanks, Dudley

  • Stacy

    Love the gun having problems with misfires using BH 209. have tried all diferemt primers. any suggestions. Don’t want to give up on the powder love the stuff, but i did miss a nice buck due to a misfire. breech was clean.

  • Dudley McGarity

    Stacy: If your gun has the Quick Release Breech Plug you can replace the standard “Pellet Breech Plug” with the “Blackhorn Breech Plug.” The product number is AC1611BH if you have an Accura, Optima, or Wolf. If you have an APEX the number is AC1610BH. These can be ordered at or by phone at 770-449-4687. Thanks, Dudley

  • Donald

    Here it is Dec. 4, and still no shotgun barrels, you told me 4 weeks in March. I’ve checked the site weekly, and they have not been on there. Also all the barrels that have been out of stock, are still out of stock. I wanted a .308 barrel over a year ago. I understand some things take time, but you don’t bring out a switch barrel gun, and stop making barrels. Quite honestly, I’m wondering if my choice in the Apex was the right one. You can get T/C Encore barrels in more caliber selection, and everyone has them. Someone should follow their business pattern. If you want honest feedback, this is what I’m thinking. Just tired of waiting. Is it going to happen or not?

  • Shawn Williamson

    I have shot TC for past 10years and I am not a weekend hunter I live it.
    I Have shot many whitetail, buffalo ,wild hogs and black bear. I seen the cva apex on a hunting show and thought it looked great so I went to Cabelas to put my hands on it. Well now I hunt with the Apex sold the TC and it’s CVA Apex muzzleloader for life thank you CVA for a great product and for a very successful past 2 year. And to many more.

  • Dudley McGarity

    Shawn: That is awesome. Thanks for the report on your APEX. Glad to hear that you like it so much. Best regards, Dudley

  • Red Rodgers

    hi Dudley,

    When can we expect barrels for the apex to be in stock, 7mm-08
    please email me, Thanks Red

  • Dudley McGarity

    Don and Red: Shotgun barrels by Janurary 20. 7mm-08 are scheduled to arrive the first week of January. Thanks for your patience. We hope to stay caught up on the barrels next year. Best regards, Dudley

  • Mike Forbes

    I have a scout .270 and I really like it, but it is stainless and the thing rusts very easily. I keep it oiled. What can I do to eliminate the current rust and prevent it in the future?

  • Dudley McGarity

    Mike: About all I can think of this that humidity conditions are causing the problem, or maybe sweat. SS does still have to be oiled, as it is not actually rust-proof, but only rust resistant. For removing rust, use fine steel wool. Best regards, Dudley

  • Dudley McGarity

    Donald: First shipment of Turkey Barrels is here. Call Customer Service at 770-449-4687 to lock one up. They may not last long. Thanks, Dudley

  • Donald

    Thanks Dudley,
    I called and ordered one today. Thanks for the heads up. Sorry for earlier post, I’m just an impatient type. I love my apex. My ML out shoots any of the Encores I’ve owned. Thanks Don

  • Mark Van Schagen

    Hi, I have a Winchester APEZ ML and the breeche plug is clogged shut. Is there any way to unclogg it, or do I need a new one ? Thanks !!!

  • Dudley McGarity -- CEO

    Mark: I assume you mean that the fire channel of the plug is blocked by fouling. Easiest way to clear it would be with a sewing needle or thin paper clip wire. Probably best is a very small drill bit. Turn it through the hole by hand and it will lift out all the fouling. Also, if you have aerosol gun oil with the plastic tube for directional spraying, you might try inserting the tube into the flash hole and giving it a squirt. Good luck, Dudley

  • Rick Rahn

    Dudley, I’m new to the muzzleloader world and I have a few questions about failure to fire. I have a new Optima and have thus far enjoyed the black powder experience. I have been using Remington Kleanbore 209 primers and White Hot pellets. I keep both products dry and the breech plug clear and clean. While on the range, for no particular reason, either the gun will delay fire or not fire at all. I should point out that during every misfire, the primer is struck and ignites, however the powder will not ignite. Each and every time the pellets are black from the primer going off. Never has the weapon failed to strike the primer. I know my pellets are dry. I know the breech plug is cleared. Any suggestions? Had a failure to fire this weekend while deer hunting. In need of suggestions. Thanks

  • Dudley McGarity -- CEO

    Rick: Yes, I do have a suggestion. Use Winchester W-209 primers. White Hots require a full power primer. The Remington Clean Bore is an underpowered primer similar to the Winchester Triple 7 (but not as clean). These work well with Triple 7 pellets, but not with White Hots. Best regards, Dudley

  • kylecva

    Rich: At present we have no plans to make a 20 gauge slug barrel. We do not see sufficient demand. Sorry. Best regards, Dudley

  • Travis

    Can the .0 cal mussleloaders be had with open sights? I’m sure you all are aware that CO MZ’s must be open sights and shoot loose powder. How are the Apexes handling the Black Horn 209 powder?

  • Mark Mitchell

    Just bought an Apex in 50 cal muzzy,I love it,it will drive tacks!
    Still can’t get barrels though,which I find hard to believe.I don’t regret the purchase, but by now they should have had production up to snuff,and the reply”Well it is very popular and was more than we expected” or something like that doesn’t apply anymore,They have had the time to remedy the problem,which I understand now to be around a couple of years.
    When are they getting barrels?
    Love the gun but getting a little aggravated!
    I appreciate the questions and answers though,keep up the good work!
    Thanks a bunch