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The Importance of Social Media to CVA with Thomas MacAulay 17

CVA wants to get to know and interact with the customers who use our products. This includes customers who us all  BPI Outdoors brands, Bergara, Quake Industries, PowerBelt Bullets and DuraSight. Our goal is to provide each and every customer with accurate hunting and shooting information, and in turn hear from our readers and customers.  BPI Outdoors social-media platform is not just a one-way street.… Read more

The Gobbler

CVA Muzzleloaders

New CVA Muzzleloader Blogs 177

As part of CVA’s goal to provide as much online content to the muzzleloading community as possible, 2 new blogs have launched. You can now get more specific muzzleloading information from CVA professional muzzleloaders at the CVA Muzzleloaders & Single Shot Rifles blog and CVA Muzzleloading  Elk Hunting blog.

Elkhunting blog- Are you an avid elk hunter? Are you also a muzzleloader hunter?… Read more

Welcome to the CVA Muzzleloading Blog! 62

Welcome to the blog of America’s #1 Muzzleloader!

Inside you’ll find articles on everything from muzzleloading safety tips to posts on new CVA products. If you have questions about your CVA muzzleloader or any other CVA product, leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Also, feel free to give us ideas on what to write about.… Read more