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The Perfect Turkey Hunt

Gobbler on a Limb“Aren’t you going to go pick up your bird?” my friend Scott Dillon asked some years ago when we turkey hunted together. I just had squeezed the trigger of my old CVA Trapper at 20 steps. I smiled and answered, “No, not yet. Let’s just sit here, and be still and quiet for a few minutes. I want to reflect on the hunt.”

I realized that I just had had one of the most unusual turkey hunts ever.… Read more

John resting against a tree with his gobbler

Dakota with CVA Apex Turkey

How to Not Miss Your Turkey this Season

John Phillips with CVA Trapper TurkeyBy Outdoor Writer John E. Phillips

I never shot a flintlock shotgun to take a turkey, but I did hunt with the CVA Trapper years ago. To shoot the CVA Trapper, you loaded powder, wads, lead shot and overshot wads, powered with a percussion cap, down a straight tube. In those days, you were lucky if you could take a gobbler within 15 to 20 steps.… Read more

“Catch and Release Deer Hunting”

Shoot deer with your camera after season is over!

Shoot deer with your camera after season is over!

I love to hunt white-tailed deer, long-bearded gobblers and small game and watch football on TV. When deer season, turkey season, the national college football championship and the Super Bowl are over, I practice catch-and-release deer hunting and turkey hunting. One of the greatest wildlife photographers who’s ever lived is Leonard Lee Rue.… Read more

Big Whitetail Buck

How to scout for turkeys

Scout for Turkeys Now with John E. Phillips 3

Find Big Gobblers Now!

Find Big Gobblers Now!

About 6 weeks before turkey season one year, I had a young man in his late 20s tell me he’d like to start turkey hunting. I told him a few things and gave him a couple of videos to watch and a book to read. I told him to come back and see me in about 2 weeks after he’d watched the videos and read the book, which he did.… Read more

A Cold, Snowy Turkey Hunt 4

By: Dakota Russell, CVA Prostaff

View of the Black Hills

View of the Black Hills

Frigid temperatures are not what I normally think of when it comes to an enjoyable spring turkey hunt. But, it will not stop me from going after those hard headed birds, and it shouldn’t keep you from hunting them either. As most turkey hunters know, you are typically expecting to wake up to an eventful morning of gobbling as the warm sun rises and the beautiful colors of spring come to life.… Read more