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When Blackpowder Deer Hunting with Your CVA Muzzleloader….Don’t Forget the Wind Factor

On my rifle range, I feel pretty confident that I can consistently shoot 4-inch groups at 300 yards with my CVA Accura Mountain Rifle. For this set-up and this type of long range muzzleloader shooting, I always shoot a heavy bullet like a 300 grain Powerbelt Platinum, 120 grains of Blackhorn 209 (measured by volume not weight) and my MR is topped off with a Bushnell Trophy DOA 250 (this scope has the drop chart reticle built in which is a necessity for shooting a muzzleloader farther than 100 yards). Continue reading

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Muzzleloading Hunters Can Get Deer Closer in January

You can funnel deer and stage bedding area drives in January to get deer closer to you to take better shots.

* Funnel the animals to your stand if the deer are using several trails to go to feeding areas from their bedding grounds. “When there are three or four possible trails the deer can use to get to a food source, I build natural barriers with limbs and branches 4 or 5 days before I use this stand, across all the trails except the one I want to hunt,” Dr. Ross Shelton, former extension wildlife specialist with the Mississippi Cooperative Extension Service, says. Generally, Continue reading

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The Range of a Dominant Buck with Dr. Larry Marchinton

During the rut, we always hear about hunting dominant bucks, and for years, we’ve all been taught that a buck’s home range is about one mile. But research tends to dispute this belief. Bucks, especially dominant bucks, may travel quite a distance and may consider a tremendous amount of land their home ranges. Continue reading

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Blackpowder Enthusiast Beverly Sisk Tells About Improving Her Shooting

The very first muzzleloader I ever owned was a CVA Wolf (http://cva.com/Wolf-Rifle-from-CVA.php). I had won it on a ladies-only deer hunt. Everyone in my family was a blackpowder hunter. When I won the gun, I wanted to be 100-percent proficient and accurate, so I sent it to CVA for a perfect tune job. Right after I sent the gun back, the Tennessee Department of Fish and Wildlife where I live announced a ladies-only blackpowder hunt. Continue reading

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Chuck Paddock Gives Tips for Taking White-Tailed Deer

I realized that most hunters who watched television would see big deer walking across the field or into the food plot when there was plenty of daylight on those films, because that’s the way the cameraman would get plenty of footage of the deer before the host shot the deer. Continue reading

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How to Get Muzzleloader Powder and Primers to Your Hunting Destination

Muzzleloader powder and primers are two items banned by homeland security on airplanes. When you need your Muzzleloader powder and primers at a remote destination, you have to plan early. Continue reading

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How to Pick Your Youngster’s First Deer Rifle with Chad Schearer

When a youngster knows he only has one shot, he will take his time, aim more carefully and become a better marksman. Too, the frames of these rifles are designed for young hunters. Continue reading

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