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Whitetail Hunting Checklist: Trailcams

Deer on Trail CamTrail cams are one of the most crucial pieces of equipment I use for deer hunting. Some may have written them off years ago as too expensive, or not worth the hassle. But the days of 35 mm cameras are behind us, and there have been many advances in the technology of trail cams in recent years. Many of the cameras out there now have a sub-1 second trigger speed, Infrared flash, battery life for months, and adjustable between picture delay times down to mere seconds.… Read more

Deer Season Checklist: Scent Control

Big Buck Deer ScentingThe next few weeks we are going to go through a checklist of important things to know before this upcoming deer season. This week will feature the importance of controlling your scent in the field. Some may argue if you play the wind correctly, it doesn’t matter what you smell like. Although this is true on days with a consistent wind, nature isn’t always that generous.… Read more

Tips for Hunting Public Land

By: Rick Kratzke

Huge Buck CVA MuzzleloaderI have hunted public land in New England for the past 24 years and have found that it is possible for a hunter to have success here. Although majority of public hunting is the same as on a private tract, there are a few things to take into consideration. As a deer hunter you need to do a certain amount of time in the deer woods scouting, tracking, and setting up trail cameras.… Read more

Tips to Take More and Bigger Deer this Season

Trophy buck with CVA Electra

If you’re not afraid to use some of the latest technology in the hunting industry, you can take bucks that other hunters will never see, including technology like:

* a hand-held GPS receiver, which enables you to go to your stand before daylight and leave your stand after dark; and

* trail cameras that will allow you to see the deer on the property you hunt to learn what time they move, where they come out during daylight hours, and what the size of the bucks are.… Read more

Step 3 of Improving your Hunting Property this Summer

Deer on Lick Branch

It’s no secret to even the most novice hunters; if you hunt near a scrape nearly every deer will investigate the scrape when in the area. Bucks and does alike use scrapes before during and even at times at after most of the breeding has taken place.  Scrapes are often times a key note in the communication of the whitetail deer, which means that if any deer in a particular area wants to communicate with the rest of the herd, they will visit these scraps and disperse their scent.… Read more

Hinge Cutting for Deer Season

By: Dakota Russell, CVA Prostaff

Lil-Paul with a big georgia buck

Hinge cutting has become a very popular technique within the past couple of years for improving your hunting property. It’s very easy to do and cost nearly nothing, but can increase mature buck sightings dramatically. Hinge Cutting helps increase how secure deer feel in a particular area, increases bedding area and adds to the amount of forage available to the deer.… Read more

Tips for Hunting Small Property

Kill your big buck this season no matter where you hunt
Kill your big buck this season no matter where you hunt

The technology for hunting whitetails continues to grow each year. The outdoor industry is continually advancing to assist you in becoming more successful at taking more and bigger whitetails each season. Where we hunt and how we hunt has changed. In the past, hunters have believed that the more land they have to hunt, the greater their odds for success.… Read more