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All Ages Can Shoot CVA’s SCOUT Rifle That’s Known for Accuracy and Successfully Taking Various Kinds of Game

People like to use their single-shot rifles like the CVA SCOUT for all types of game, not only young hunters who are learning how to shoot for deer season but also more-experienced hunters who like to shoot at long ranges. The CVA SCOUT COMPACT in .243 features a 20-inch barrel and a 1-inch shorter stock than the standard CVA SCOUT – just right for youth hunters.… Read more

CVA Scout with Phillip


CVA’s Versatile Scout – a One-Shot Centerfire Rifle You May Not Know 7

Many outdoorsmen don’t realize that CVA makes centerfire rifles as well as muzzleloading rifles and rifles with interchangeable barrels. Most people think of CVA as a muzzleloader company only. That’s certainly where the company’s roots are. But for the last 7 years, CVA also has been in the centerfire market. This business represents a sizable portion of the guns CVA produces, but these centerfire rifles aren’t a part of CVA’s muzzleloader business

The CVA SCOUT is a lightweight centerfire rifle, a break-open centerfire single shot, available in .243 Winchester, 7mm-08, .35 Whelen, .270 .30-06, .44 and .444 magnum, and 12-gauge and 20-gauge shotgun barrels.… Read more

Dan Mortensen from Campfire Stories and his CVA Scout 1

I have a passion for hunting, but I think the most challenging and rewarding method is spot and stalk hunting.  And the western states are ideal for that type of hunt.  Maybe that’s why every year, I feel this weird desire to have cactus in my socks, sunburn on my neck, and point the truck west.  This year, I headed to Wyoming for a public land hunt for muleys.  Not just any muleys, those big smart public land bucks that vanish like dust on the prairie when the sea of orange takes to the hills.  That means hiking, and lots of it to get away from the competition.  Getting to those hard to reach areas is not easy, and it requires the lightest of gear to make it possible.  On this hunt, the CVA Scout rifle would be at my side as I hiked the ridges, mountains, and prairies, searching for that elusive muley buck.  At about 5 ½ pounds (we’ll say 6 with a scope) I barely knew I was carrying a gun at all—although I was quickly reminded on the 5th day when I let the hammer fall on this public land bruiser.  Light, simple, and foolproof, these Scout rifles are a joy to carry, shoot- and you can bet the next time I sit in a cactus, the Scout will be at my side.… Read more

Dan Mortensen from Campfire Stories and his CVA Scout