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How to Get More Accurate with Black Powder

“To consistently take whitetails with black powder, expect a shot at about 100 yards or less. By using a bigger bullet and less loose black powder and shooting shorter distances, you’ll become much-more accurate and have fewer blood trails to follow”… Continue reading

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A Family’s CVA Muzzloader Deer Hunt with Forrest Armke

I have a lot of confidence in the CVA .50 caliber Optima. I load the gun with two Pyrodex pellets and a 250-grain Hornady Bullet. One of the guides here at the Ford Ranch uses this same gun with 3 pellets to take elk. This guide has been so impressed with how accurate the gun shoots, that when Shannon Mason hunted with us in 2010, he suggested we let her shoot that gun to take her first deer. When we were prepping the gun for Shannon, I was really impressed with the trigger pull. Continue reading

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