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Why I Deer Hunt on Cattle Farms

Cattle roaming in a Snowy fieldThere are several reasons why I prefer to hunt cattle farms. Cattle ranchers know that they have to have highly-nutritious soils to produce grasses and hay on which the cattle can feed. On a cattle farm, the rancher understands that he has to feed his cattle all year long. A cattle man also realizes that cattle have to have water and also pastures with some type of thickets and shade trees.… Read more

Deer Jumping Fence

Shooting a CVA Muzzleloader

How to Choose the Right Brand and Amount of Powder for Your CVA Rifle 1

CVA Accura Muzzleloader Best Load to use“I have five, different, 3-inch Magnum turkey shotguns, and I hunt with each,” outdoor writer John E. Phillips says. “Each of those guns patterns a different brand and size of shot best. So, I’ve learned that regardless of the gun you shoot, the type of shell and the amount of powder you shoot, you can shoot better groups by letting the gun tell you what brand, what bullet, and what powder it shoots best.”

As Americans, we generally unconsciously believe that more is better.… Read more

Let’s Talk Elk

Bull Elk RubsMany western states will begin their elk seasons in the next 6 weeks. Although elk are big animals and present big targets, they can vanish in an instant. You need to learn to talk elk to be successful. I’ve been hunting elk with my dad since I was 3-years old. By the time I was 5, I could use my natural voice to call in elk and to bugle to elk.… Read more

Big Bull Elk

Lisa Thompson Big Bull Elk Blackpowder

Taking Blackpowder Bull Elk on Public Lands

Lisa Thompson Big Bull Elk BlackpowderI know that the fastest-growing segment in the hunting industry is women discovering the sport of hunting. I’ve been hunting, especially elk, since I was very young, because I grew up in Montana where my entire extended family hunted. My love of hunting has continued until today.

My primary hunting partner is Donnelle Johnson, although I once hunted primarily with my husband Keith, my dad and my brother.… Read more

David Leahew on his Experience with CVA Customer Service 2

David Leahew Accura V2Some years ago I had given up deer hunting after owning a bow, a muzzleloader and a modern deer rifle. Then later I decided I would get back into deer hunting. But I just wanted to buy one gun that I could hunt with throughout deer season. I looked at several different types of muzzleloaders to buy. I had owned another brand of muzzleloader in the past and didn’t want one from that brand.… Read more

David Leahew Accura V2