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Using Deer Lure Effectively

Hank Parker with Muzzleloading BuckI’ve seen a shift in consumer response to attractants. They’ve gone from being really excited about using attractants to having a lower expectation of deer lures to perform. In the last few years, there’s been a huge influx of deer attractants on the market. The hunter is somewhat confused on how to use deer attractants effectively, and some attractants have been less effective than others.… Read more

Big buck

Carol Osswald wins a CVA Muzzleloader

Carol Osswald wins a CVA Muzzleloader and a fan following 5

Carol Osswald wins a CVA Muzzleloader How many times do you enter a contest and think “I could never win” or think that real people don’t win giveaways? Well Carol Osswald proves that wrong. She won an CVA Optima Stainless Camo Thumbhole muzzleloader in a gun giveaway last year from a company that we partnered with called The World Hunting Club. This gave Carol the opportunity to take this huge, beautiful black bear on a hunt in Wisconsin.… Read more

Why you should have an ambidextrous style stock on your rifle 1

Outdoor writer John E. PhillipsI had done my homework. I knew that the buck I wanted to take was living in a cane thicket on the side of the Tombigbee River. I had identified the trail he would take from his bedding area to his feeding spot. I had set-up my tree stand about 50-yards from the trail to have a left-handed shot to take the buck, as he came back from feeding at night to go to his bedding area.… Read more

Thomas MacAulay Director of digital media for BPI Outdoors

Take the buck of a lifetime by hunting with a muzzleloader this year

The Key to Big Bucks: Hassles 1

Muzzleloader Shooter HuntingHunting with a muzzleloader can be a hassle. You have to carry your powder, extra bullets and percussion caps and load the rifle and fire the rifle. Then to get better accuracy, you have to clean the rifle after every shot. To get the most accuracy, you must test different powders – pelletized powder, black powder, pellets and loose powder made by various companies.… Read more

Hillarie Putnam is not your ordinary bear hunter 5

The Hunt: Predator or Prey?CVA is proud to announce the use of its popular Accura muzzleloader on last Sunday night’s episode of “The Hunt” on The History Channel. The Hunt is a docu-series highlighting Kodiak bear hunting on Alaska’s rugged Kodiak Island. The Hunt is an eight-episode series that documents one of the most dangerous pursuits known to man.

Hillarie Putnam is not your ordinary bear hunter.… Read more