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BPI’s CEO Dudley McGarity on Why More Nitride Barrel Treatment Is Coming Your Way 1

Here's Dudley McGarity with the all new Optima V2 Nitride

Here’s Dudley McGarity with the all new Optima V2 Nitride

We’ve added an exciting new feature – a nitride barrel treatment – to two of our CVA guns this year, the CVA Accura and the CVA Optima V2. The nitride treatment is one of newest and most advanced treatments used on barrels today. The military were the first to start using this type of treatment on the barrels of their rifles, because the nitride made the outer layer of the barrels very, very hard.… Read more

Here's Dudley McGarity with the all new Optima V2 Nitride

Steve Rocky's Iowa Whitetail

Whitetail Hunting in the Hawkeye State 1   Recently updated !

Story by CVA Pro Steve Rocky

My anticipation was high as final preparations were made to travel westward to one of the best whitetail hotspots in the USA. For a couple years I had been applying for a license and planning a hunt for Iowa. Few states hold the potential this state does, and just after Christmas 2014, it would finally become reality for me.… Read more

Double Down with the Prickly Pears 1

by Dr. Jim and Mary Clary

 Texas Hogshogpic1








Pigs we didn’t get to shoot and typical brush country


After drawing a blank on deer in New Mexico, we decided to head to south Texas in search of trophy whitetail deer.  As usual, we took along an assortment of products which we had reviewed throughout the year.  Even though all of these products performed well in our earlier field tests, there is nothing like using them on the sometimes harsh conditions of a hunting trip. 

We began our preparations a month in advance, deciding on which pieces of equipment to take and making sure that our muzzleloaders were sighted in.  Yep, we again decided to use muzzleloaders for the entire hunt.Read more


Dan's estimated 375" New Mexico Bull Elk

Dan Lenczner’s Giant First Elk 5


Dan's estimated 375" New Mexico Bull Elk

Dan’s estimated 375″ New Mexico Bull Elk

Story by Dan Lenczner

I shot this 6×6 bull elk in New Mexico during this years Muzzleloader hunt. This was my first elk hunt. On day one we set out at 4 am from Espanola, NM to the unit we were hunting. It was about a 2 hour drive to go 40 miles up the rocky dirt roads to approximately 9,500 feet in elevation.… Read more

Using Deer Lure Effectively

Hank Parker with Muzzleloading BuckI’ve seen a shift in consumer response to attractants. They’ve gone from being really excited about using attractants to having a lower expectation of deer lures to perform. In the last few years, there’s been a huge influx of deer attractants on the market. The hunter is somewhat confused on how to use deer attractants effectively, and some attractants have been less effective than others.… Read more

Big buck