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Western Hunt tips from the Guru

Planning a do-it-yourself hunt in the west? Make sure you do your research. Start with the local fish and game agency of wherever you will be hunting… Continue reading

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Roger Raglin Explains CVA Muzzleloader Moose Hunting is As Good as it Gets

I was hunting with the CVA Accura with a PowerBelt bullet, and when the moose turned broadside, I aimed and fired quickly. When I fired, I didn’t know what was going to happen, because the moose was so close. But he took the PowerBelt bullet, and only went about 50 yards before he piled-up. Continue reading

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Maine Moose Hunt with Roger Raglin and the CVA Accura

The 1000 pound bruiser had only gone about 70 yards into the timber before pilling up. That CVA Accura muzzleloader did it’s job to perfection. He wasn’t a monster racked bull but he was still a very good representative for a Northeastern American moose. Continue reading

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