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Travis Johnson, the New Young Gun on Outdoor Television

Editor’s Note: Twenty-two-year-old Travis Johnson has a TV show, “Travis Johnson Outdoors.” You may think Travis hasn’t lived, hunted or done television long enough to be a TV host. However, Travis has been raised in an outdoor television family. His grandfather, O’Neill Williams, hosts and produces “O’Neill Outdoors,” a TV show that has aired on many networks for many years. From the time he could walk, Travis was hunting, fishing and filming with his dad and his granddad.… Read more

Inside the Chad Schearer Family and the Muzzleloading

Hunting, filming, producing and being on the road to develop a top-notch TV show is a difficult task. Taking your wife along to hunt and shoot video solves many problems, but also creates problems, because you now have two people to consider. When you add-in two young boys, how a family can hunt and travel together may appear tough. When people ask us on our TV show that appears on the Sportsman’s Channel, Fox Sports South and CBS in Montana , who will be the shooter and who will run the camera, I mention that we can put-in for four tags instead of just one, since our boys hunt with us.… Read more

Why TV Host Chuck Paddock Hunts with CVA Muzzleloaders and Bergara Barrels

Editor’s Note: Chuck Paddock of Covington, Indiana, is the host of “Open Season TV” on the Pursuit Channel, channel 240 on Dish, that’s been running for 5 years. “A buddy of mine talked me into doing TV,” Paddock says, “and CVA has been a sponsor of my show for about 4 years.”

CVA: What makes your TV show unique, compared to other outdoor shows on television?… Read more