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The Newly Redesigned 2010 CVA Wolf and Accura Muzzleloaders 6

with Mark Hendricks

CVA's Mark Hendricks on Muzzleloaders

Editor’s Note: Mark Hendricks, vice president of Technical Development for CVA, helps with product design, manufacturing, production, quality control and bringing new products to the market for CVA. This week, Hendricks will tell us what to expect from some of CVA’s new 2010 products.

Question: Mark, how has the CVA Wolf been redesigned this year?
Hendricks: The CVA Wolf always has been an inexpensive starter gun for most muzzleloading hunters, and it’s the rifle most blackpowder hunters purchase first.… Read more

CVA Muzzleloading Girl Hunter

CVA Muzzleloading Breech Plug

Quick-Release Breech Plug for CVA Muzzleloading 61

Editor’s Note: Mark Hendricks is the Vice President of Technical Developments for BPI/CVA.

CVA Muzzleloader Breech Plug

Question: Mark, what are some of the new developments that CVA has in its muzzleloader line now?
Hendricks: The quick-release breech plug is one of our most important.

Question: What is it? How does it work? And what problems does it solve?
Hendricks: Right now, we have the quick-release breech plug on the Apex rifle.… Read more