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What to Do Right Now with Your CVA Rifle with Tony Smotherman


Deer season is now over for pretty much everyone. That doesn’t mean that you can just throw your CVA muzzleloader in the gun safe and leave it there until next October. Tony Smotherman of the Travelin’ Hunter reminds hunters that they must clean their guns and oil them up before storing them. Black powder substitutes can be very corrosive to the gun, therefore cleaning it is important to ensure your gun lasts a lifetime.… Read more

Third Day is a Charm: James Blankenbeckler’s New Mexico Bull Elk

The Bull Elk James Killed in New Mexico
The Bull Elk James Killed in New Mexico

Editor’s Note: Story by James Blankenbeckler, is one of the hosts of “Open Season TV” on the Pursuit Channel, channel 240 on Dish Network, that’s been running for six years.

After doing many hours of research, I was excited for the chance to go on a rifle elk hunt in New Mexico with Vince Vigil and New Mexico Hunting Adventures.… Read more

Taking Deer, Big Game and Varmints with Chad Schearer and CVA Muzzleloading Rifles

Chad Schearer Editor’s Note: Chad Schearer of Great Falls, Montana, former owner and operator of Central Montana Outfitters, guided clients to mule deer and elk each season as well as hunted on his own. Today, Schearer is host of the “Shoot Straight with Chad Schearer” television show presented by CVA that airs on the Sportsman Channel, Fox Sports South, the Lonestar Network and CBS Montana.… Read more

Taking the CVA Accura into the Field

Editor’s Note: Carlos Vilorio of Vass, North Carolina, is an avid Muzzle loading shooter and hunter who truly loves the CVA Accura Muzzleloader.

Question: Carlos, in previous blogs, you’ve mentioned the types of groups the CVA Accura and the Bergara barrels deliver. But the real test of a blackpowder Muzzleloading rifle for most hunters is how well the rifle performs in the field.… Read more

Loading the CVA Accura with Carlos Vilorio

Editor’s Note: Carlos Vilorio of Vass, North Carolina, an assistant manager and salesman at Ed’s Gun Shop, sights-in CVA muzzle loader rifles for customers.carlos w/  cva accura


Question: Carlos, you’ve mentioned that you can shoot 1-inch groups at 200 yards with a CVA Accura. You’ve also mentioned that you can shoot groups tighter than 1 inch at 100 yards with the Accura.… Read more

New and Better Muzzleloaders from CVA in 2010

with Mark Hendricks

New CVA Muzzleloaders - Mark Hendricks

Mark Hendricks, the vice president of Technical Development for CVA, helps with product design, manufacturing, production, quality control and bringing new products to the market for CVA.

This year, the most-exciting new product to come from CVA is the Scout, an entry-level, single-shot, centerfire muzzleloading rifle. It has a very-simple barrel catch in front of the trigger guard.… Read more

CVA Brings Back Popular Old Calibers for Antique Rifles

by Mark Hendricks

CVA Antique Muzzleloaders

Editor’s Note: To learn why CVA began building the old .35 Whelen barrels for its Optima and Optima Elite rifles, we talked to Mark Hendricks, vice president of technical development for CVA. A movement is afoot to revive old calibers and allow modern hunters to hunt with them. When the State of Louisiana decided to allow primitive firearms hunters to use the .45-70 caliber, and the State of Mississippi allowed the use of the .45-70 and the .35 Whelen, a trend emerged that enables antique gun enthusiasts to use some of these old traditional rifles and calibers during primitive weapons season.… Read more