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The Grey Ghost 1

Story by Dan Mortensen-Campfire Stories

Dan and Rusty with Dan's trophy Kudu

Dan and Rusty with Dan’s trophy Kudu

All too often, I find that some of the very best experiences in my life only happen once in a blue moon, or in many cases, only once.  From the gift of children, to a first buck, to fishing with grandpa that last time.  As so it is with hunting.  I often wonder if some of the places I see will ever be visited by me again–whether it be a secluded treestand in the depths of some dark swamp, to the auburn tundra of northern Alaska in August.  After bringing my CVA Apex to Africa in 2012, I had to ask myself the question–“Would I ever set foot here again?”.  And so, when my friends at Fig Tree Safaris asked me to return in 2013, I couldn’t possibly let that question be unanswered.… Read more

Dan and Rusty with Dan's trophy Kudu

The "Grey Ghost"

A Tale of 3 Sponsors by Dan Mortensen of Campfire Stories 1

The CVA Apex rifleThe other day, Andy Weichers and I were talking about my upcoming trip to Africa. In the midst of the conversation, we started talking about big bores, and about how nice it would be to have a big bore rifle at the Fig Tree Safaris hunting location.

After some quick research on the CVA Muzzleloaders website, we determined the ultimate gun for our future trips to South Africa would have to be the CVA Apex with the .45-70 barrel.… Read more

CVA Apex Vs. The Beast Part 3 1

Dan MortensonAt the shot, the bull reared back on its hind legs and promptly crashed back down on its front hooves, reminding me of a bronco that was trying to buck off its rider.  Bouncing again on its front feet, it turned and ran straight away, disappearing into the cloud of red dust, which was filled with twisting and turning shapes of other frightened wildebeest.  Even before the herd was out of site, we were running.  My rifle, now empty, felt light in my hand as we sprinted to the place we had last seen the creatures.  We reached the tree the two Bulls had been under, only to find nothing.  No blood, only scattered tracks.… Read more


CVA Apex in Africa with Dan Mortensen Part 5

With 3 days left, and multiple species left on my Fig Tree Safaris agenda, I felt confident that I would be able to get a clean shot for the .270 or .50 CVA Apex. As the hours in the bush passed, our frustrations kept slowly increasing. With the wind in an odd direction, and a full moon, it seemed that animal movement had all but ceased.… Read more

Dan Mortensen with the CVA Apex Part 2 2

The first day at Fig Tree Safaris found us up early, preparing to spend the day afield. Before daylight, I began organizing cameras, rifles, and gear. We had arrived in the dark, so our view of the camp was pretty limited, but as the sun came up, it was clear to see we were surrounded by miles and miles of bushvelt (a.k.a brush).… Read more

Dan Mortensen with the CVA Apex Part 2