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Editor’s Note: Roger Raglin of “Roger Raglin Outdoors” on the Outdoor Channel on Saturdays has hosted the TV show for 10 years. Raglin, who lives in Coweta, Oklahoma, has been in the outdoor industry for 24 years and is one of the most-recognized faces in the outdoor fraternity.

Question: Roger, tell us about your moose hunt.

Raglin: This past year, I drew a Maine moose tag. To me, getting that tag for a moose was like winning the lottery. I went all the way up to Maine to hunt this moose. The weather didn’t cooperate with us, and it was a really-tough hunt. We hunted for 4 days before we even saw a moose. But the guide I was hunting with knew how to call a moose. When he started calling on the fifth day, I’d never heard as much racket coming from an animal as I did when that moose started responding to that guide’s calling. He was coming through the brush and knocking-down everything in sight. The area was fairly thick, and we couldn’t really see him. He was beating-up trees and grunting and sounding like an army of men charging through the brush. My cameraman whispered, “Is that him right there in the brush?” I said, “I’m not sure.” I had no more than gotten those words out of my mouth than that moose stepped-out in front of me at 25 yards.

Now, a moose is a big critter, and at 25 yards with your adrenaline pumping, he looks even bigger. That’s when you’ve got to have the faith in your rifle to do the job that it was built to do. I was hunting with the CVA Accura with a PowerBelt bullet, and when the moose turned broadside, I aimed and fired quickly. When I fired, I didn’t know what was going to happen, because the moose was so close. But he took the PowerBelt bullet, and only went about 50 yards before he piled-up. I’d hit him right behind the front shoulder and double-lunged him. When you take a deer with a muzzleloader rifle and a PowerBelt bullet, that’s a great accomplishment. But when you test the rifle, powder and bullet on an animal as large as a moose, you really can see what a blackpowder rifle can do. For that moose to only go 50 yards was incredible. I thought this was one of the most-exciting hunts I’ve ever had. But the story gets better.

Question: How hard was it like getting that moose out of the brush and back to camp?

Raglin: This is the neatest part of the story. There was a right of way (clearing) that ran down through the timber. I drive a Ford Excursion with a winch on the front. I told my outfitter, “I think if I’m really careful, I can go get my trunk and drive down that right of way.” I went back and got my trunk, but driving to the right of way took me awhile. I got the front-end of the truck pointed in the direction where the moose was laying. We started pulling the cable off my winch. When we got to the end of the cable, there was about a foot of cable left on the winch, once we wrapped the cable around the moose’s antlers. But once we got the cable around his antlers, I was able to winch the moose to the right of way where my truck was. I started backing-up, and I was able to drag that moose out of the bush all the way up to the road.

Question: Life doesn’t get any better than that right – not having to butcher the moose in the field or carry the meat out.

Raglin: Yes, life does get better than this. When I got the moose to the road, one of the guides had a device on his truck that allowed him to run the cable from the winch on the front of the truck, over the truck to where he had a crane-like device. We unhooked the moose from my winch, took the guide’s winch from the front of his truck over the top of the truck and through the winch device, brought it down and put it around the antlers of my moose. The guide was able to winch the entire moose into the back of his pick-up truck. We took the moose back to camp, hung him up and skinned, dressed and quartered him with little or no hassle. That’s when life was as good as it could get for a hunter.

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  • E Taylor

    Congratulations on a great hunt. Sounds like the Power Belt and CVA Accura really did a great job. It also sounds like you are living right for all the favorable things that happened on your hunt after the harvest. It is a long drag with a deer-multiply that times 10.
    Safe Hunting