How to Get Ready for Deer Season with Tony Smotherman

How to Get Ready for Deer Season with CVA Pro Staffer Tony Smotherman

Editor’s Note: CVA pro staffer Tony Smotherman of the TV show, “The Hit List,” is working hard to get ready for deer season.

“Right now, I’m making sure my mineral licks are staying active and charged-up, and I’m putting-out more mineral licks in different areas on the property I hunt,” Tony Smotherman explains. “Too, I’m working on my food plots.” Smotherman uses two different brands of mineral.… Read more

I Love a Place That’s Too Thick to Hunt with Tony Smotherman 1

When looking at property to lease, you may stumble-across a piece of property that’s too thick to hunt. Sure, because it’s so thick, this property may be a great bedding area. But more than likely, you’ll never see a deer there, since you’ll make too-much noise trying to get through the brush to hunt. Due to the very-thick cover, you won’t be able to see a deer that’s within 10 yards of you, but these are the kind of places for which Smotherman searches.… Read more

I Love a Place That’s Too Thick to Hunt with CVA’s Tony Smotherman


CVA Apex in Africa with Dan Mortensen Part 5

With 3 days left, and multiple species left on my Fig Tree Safaris agenda, I felt confident that I would be able to get a clean shot for the .270 or .50 CVA Apex. As the hours in the bush passed, our frustrations kept slowly increasing. With the wind in an odd direction, and a full moon, it seemed that animal movement had all but ceased.… Read more