Hogging and Hunting Turkeys with O’Neill Williams 2

Hogging and Hunting Turkeys with O’Neill Williams

I love to hunt Rio Grande turkeys, because they’re much-more aggressive than Eastern gobblers. When you call to them, they often will come running in to you. Although I think they are the easiest turkeys to take, I also think the Rio Grande is the prettiest turkey of all four of the races of turkeys found in North America.… Read more

CVA Apex Vs. The Beast Part 3 1

Dan MortensonAt the shot, the bull reared back on its hind legs and promptly crashed back down on its front hooves, reminding me of a bronco that was trying to buck off its rider.  Bouncing again on its front feet, it turned and ran straight away, disappearing into the cloud of red dust, which was filled with twisting and turning shapes of other frightened wildebeest.  Even before the herd was out of site, we were running.  My rifle, now empty, felt light in my hand as we sprinted to the place we had last seen the creatures.  We reached the tree the two Bulls had been under, only to find nothing.  No blood, only scattered tracks.… Read more

CVA Apex Vs. The Beast Part 2 1

CVA Apex Vs. The Beast Part 2

As my finger tightened on the trigger, my eyes searched for that one opening on the chest.  Wildebeest are notorious for not bleeding, and I needed to make this a good shot, as once the animals thundered off, there would be no follow up shot into the fleeting herd and corresponding cloud of red dust.  Frustrated by the obscured chest view, I moved the crosshairs up the neck, to just above the nose.  At about 75 yards, I watched as the wet nostrils flared,  obviously suspicious of the three huddled lumps that did not belong.… Read more



CVA Apex Vs. The Beast Part 1 1

 It was the morning of our last day in Africa, and it was time to settle the score with the one animal that had eluded me the entire trip– the Blue Wildebeest.  The previous 5 days at Fig Tree Safaris had led fellow staff member Bobby Haley and I on a wild adventure through the South African bush.  Each of us had already collected a handful of fine trophies, and our cameras were quickly filling to the max with footage and pictures of African wildlife and scenery.   It was the trip of a lifetime, and on the morning of the last day, a hushed intensity hung in the air as we loaded up the land cruiser and headed off into the bush for one last hunt.… Read more

Shoot Straight TV Host Chad Schearer Wears Many Hats 4

Chad Schearer is a western big-game guide and host of “Shoot Straight TV”

Editor’s Note: Chad Schearer is a western big-game guide and host of “Shoot Straight TV” besides being the director of media relations and marketing for CVA and BPI Outdoors (parent company to CVA®, PowerBelt® Bullets™, Quake Industries™, DuraSight™ Scope Mounts, and Bergara Barrels™.) He’s tested the new products CVA has come out with for 2013.… Read more