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Prostaffer Dakota with a nice Texas Rio Turkey

Prostaffer Dakota with a nice Texas Rio Turkey

In many sections of the country, especially in the South and some Midwestern states, turkey season is winding down. A large portion of the 2-year-old gobblers already have been taken and most turkey hunters already have tagged out. Here are some suggestions that will help you still have turkey hunting success.

Hunt Public Land Gobblers:
Now’s the time to hunt public land gobblers.… Read more

Turkeys walking through the woods

Persistance will allow you to tag that gobbler

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Turkey flying away

Turkey flying away

I truly believe that the Good Lord sent the wild turkey to keep hunters humbled. I just had finished writing “Outdoor Life’s Complete Turkey Hunting Book” (now available on Amazon/Kindle) some years ago, when Brad Harris of Neosho, Missouri, well-known videographer and outdoorsman, invited me on a turkey hunt. For my turkey book, I had hunted with and interviewed some of the greatest turkey hunters in the nation.… Read more

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Story by Dan Mortensen-Campfire Stories

Dan and Rusty with Dan's trophy Kudu

Dan and Rusty with Dan’s trophy Kudu

All too often, I find that some of the very best experiences in my life only happen once in a blue moon, or in many cases, only once.  From the gift of children, to a first buck, to fishing with grandpa that last time.  As so it is with hunting.  I often wonder if some of the places I see will ever be visited by me again–whether it be a secluded treestand in the depths of some dark swamp, to the auburn tundra of northern Alaska in August.  After bringing my CVA Apex to Africa in 2012, I had to ask myself the question–“Would I ever set foot here again?”.  And so, when my friends at Fig Tree Safaris asked me to return in 2013, I couldn’t possibly let that question be unanswered.… Read more

Dan and Rusty with Dan's trophy Kudu

While the average turkey killed is close, sometimes you need something to kill that henned up gobbler

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Try turkey hunting with a scope this season

Try turkey hunting with a scope this season

Turkey hunting has changed drastically in the last 40 years. We have better shotguns, barrels shells, chokes and sighting systems than turkey hunters ever have had. Forty years ago 2-3/4-inch shells were the maximum load for hunting turkeys. A turkey hunter rarely would take more than a 30-yard shot at a gobbler. However, today many hunters are harvesting gobblers out to 40, 50 and even longer yardages.… Read more

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Big Merriam's Turkey

Big Merriam’s Turkey

The big Merriam’s gobbler was less than 30-yards from me in full strut, facing away from me. I had my shotgun on my knee. All I had to do was move the barrel slightly to the left and squeeze the trigger, and I knew that gobbler would be riding in the back of my truck to camp. So, I clucked on my diaphragm turkey call and watched the gobbler drop his strut and turn broadside to me.… Read more

Try a scope on your shotgun this season to be more successful