What to Do Right Now with Your CVA Rifle with Tony Smotherman 4


Deer season is now over for pretty much everyone. That doesn’t mean that you can just throw your CVA muzzleloader in the gun safe and leave it there until next October. Tony Smotherman of the Travelin’ Hunter reminds hunters that they must clean their guns and oil them up before storing them. Black powder substitutes can be very corrosive to the gun, therefore cleaning it is important to ensure your gun lasts a lifetime.… Read more

Pronghorn Predicament with Becky Vannes of Open Season TV 255

Becky's Trophy Colorado Antelope!

Becky’s Trophy Colorado Antelope!

I met up with James Blankenbeckler, co-host of Open Seasons TV in early October for a Colorado antelope hunt. We were facing a sixteen hour drive from his home near Fort Wayne Indiana, and the excitement of our trip didn’t make the drive any shorter!

The plan was to meet up with my husband, Mike. He is my hunting partner/cameraman and this was our second trip out west in search of big game.… Read more

When Blackpowder Deer Hunting with Your CVA Muzzleloader….Don’t Forget the Wind Factor 1

On my rifle range, I feel pretty confident that I can consistently shoot 4-inch groups at 300 yards with my CVA Accura Mountain Rifle. For this set-up and this type of long range muzzleloader shooting, I always shoot a heavy bullet like a 300 grain Powerbelt Platinum, 120 grains of Blackhorn 209 (measured by volume not weight) and my MR is topped off with a Bushnell Trophy DOA 250 (this scope has the drop chart reticle built in which is a necessity for shooting a muzzleloader farther than 100 yards).… Read more