CVA Apex Vs. The Beast Part 1

 It was the morning of our last day in Africa, and it was time to settle the score with the one animal that had eluded me the entire trip– the Blue Wildebeest.  The previous 5 days at Fig Tree Safaris had led fellow staff member Bobby Haley and I on a wild adventure through the South African bush.  Each of us had already collected a handful of fine trophies, and our cameras were quickly filling to the max with footage and pictures of African wildlife and scenery.   It was the trip of a lifetime, and on the morning of the last day, a hushed intensity hung in the air as we loaded up the land cruiser and headed off into the bush for one last hunt.… Read more

Shoot Straight TV Host Chad Schearer Wears Many Hats

Chad Schearer is a western big-game guide and host of “Shoot Straight TV”

Editor’s Note: Chad Schearer is a western big-game guide and host of “Shoot Straight TV” besides being the director of media relations and marketing for CVA and BPI Outdoors (parent company to CVA®, PowerBelt® Bullets™, Quake Industries™, DuraSight™ Scope Mounts, and Bergara Barrels™.) He’s tested the new products CVA has come out with for 2013.… Read more

My Most Unforgettable Turkey Hunt with O’Neill Williams

My Most Unforgettable Turkey Hunt with O’Neill WilliamsEditor’s Note: O’Neill Williams of Atlanta, Georgia, has been shooting CVA muzzleloaders exclusively for 22 years.

I’m the host of the “O’Neill Outside” radio show in 38 states and also have a syndicated TV show named “O’Neill Outside” on NBC Sports, Fox Sports South and Sun Sports in Florida with 100-million subscriber households. What makes my TV show so different from many-other outdoor shows is at the end of each show, you’ll either get a new tip that will help you have a better hunting or fishing experience, or you’ll have a reminder of a tip you may have forgotten or haven’t been using.… Read more

Tony Smotherman Says He Shot The Wrong Buck With His CVA Accura MR

For the last 15 years, I’ve been hunting the same area in Brown County, Illinois. I hunt with a great friend of mine, Toby Stay, who runs Illinois Connection’s North Camp. On this particular trip up north, I was hunting during the second shotgun season last year with my CVA Accura MR. It was the first week of December and Toby told me, “We have cold weather coming in this week.… Read more

Tony Smotherman on Why He Still Uses Loose Powder

Tony Smotherman on Why He Still Uses Loose Powder
Tony Smotherman on Why He Still Uses Loose Powder

I prefer loose powder because I want to shoot as accurately as I possibly can. A blackpowder substitute pellet will group fine for most hunting shots. However, I am a fanatic on accuracy and I always want to make sure that my gun shoots as accurately as it possibly can. One thing you must remember when trying to get your muzzleloader to shoot as good as it can… “consistency” is accuracy when dealing with a muzzleloader.… Read more

Twinkies Died and Roger Bergfeld Took Deer with His CVA Buckhorn

Twinkies Died and Roger Bergfeld Took Deer with His CVA BuckhornLike many hunters, I was almost ready to cry when I heard Hostess had shut down. I know many hunters who won’t go into the woods without two or three packs of those cream-filled pastries known as “Twinkies.” But I wasn’t nearly as sad to see Hostess go as Roger Bergfeld of Davenport, Iowa, was. A district manager for Hostess, he managed more than 25 outlet stores.… Read more

Inside the Chad Schearer Family and the Muzzleloading

Hunting, filming, producing and being on the road to develop a top-notch TV show is a difficult task. Taking your wife along to hunt and shoot video solves many problems, but also creates problems, because you now have two people to consider. When you add-in two young boys, how a family can hunt and travel together may appear tough. When people ask us on our TV show that appears on the Sportsman’s Channel, Fox Sports South and CBS in Montana , who will be the shooter and who will run the camera, I mention that we can put-in for four tags instead of just one, since our boys hunt with us.… Read more

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