Planting and Tending Food Plots to Attract Deer

Attract your trophy deer with food plots

Attract your trophy deer with food plots

CVA hunters know that the green fields located in the best places produce the highest yields for deer to eat. So, always have a soil test done before you plant, or consult a soil map to check the fertility level of the land. Try to plant the green fields adjacent to thick cover. Then, bucks can move through the thick cover, step out on the green field to feed and have a thick-cover sanctuary nearby as a retreat from hunter pressure.… Read more

Reap the trophy deer you sow

Deer Forage

More Tips to Manage your Land for Trophy Bucks

Bag of FertilizerWe all know that planting the right food at the best times of the year for deer can draw bucks to a specific place, since deer eat more than 300 kinds of food. But certain types of soil rarely, if ever, yield the nutrients to grow trophy bucks. For a buck to reach his maximum growth potential, he needs a food supply that contains no less than 17-percent crude protein.… Read more

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Outdoor writer John E. PhillipsI had done my homework. I knew that the buck I wanted to take was living in a cane thicket on the side of the Tombigbee River. I had identified the trail he would take from his bedding area to his feeding spot. I had set-up my tree stand about 50-yards from the trail to have a left-handed shot to take the buck, as he came back from feeding at night to go to his bedding area.… Read more

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What Triggers the Beginning of the Rut? 3

Buck chasing doe during rutAccording to Dr. Harry Jacobson, a retired professor in the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries at Mississippi State University, who still manages numerous game lands, “The doe actually triggers the breeding season for the buck. She defines the rut when she is in estrus.”

Dr. Larry Marchinton, a retired deer researcher at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, has broken the rut down into three periods: pre-rut, rut and post-rut.… Read more

How to Hunt Nocturnal Public Land Deer 4

Nocturnal Buck DeerHunters across the U.S. often wonder how to hunt when their public-land deer become nocturnal. Here’s a look at what two nationally-known deer hunters have found.

Brad Harris, a well-known deer hunter and videographer, from Neosho, Missouri, is convinced there are trophy bucks on many public-hunting areas throughout the nation. However, he also believes these bucks have learned to use the cover of darkness to hide their movements.… Read more

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