Loading the CVA Accura with Carlos Vilorio

Editor’s Note: Carlos Vilorio of Vass, North Carolina, an assistant manager and salesman at Ed’s Gun Shop, sights-in CVA muzzle loader rifles for customers.carlos w/  cva accura


Question: Carlos, you’ve mentioned that you can shoot 1-inch groups at 200 yards with a CVA Accura. You’ve also mentioned that you can shoot groups tighter than 1 inch at 100 yards with the Accura. How do you load the CVA Accura to get groups that tight?

Vilorio: I use 110 grains of Blackhorn 209 powder with a Barnes Spit-Fire T-EZ bullet and a Fiocchi primer.


Question: Why do you like the Fiocchi primer?

Vilorio: I read an article by Russell Lynch where he reported that primers can develop a lot of pressure when they’re fired and push the load forward before the powder ignites, which can affect your accuracy. Since I like to try to shoot as accurately as I can, I decided to conduct my own primer test. I put the ramrod in the barrel without a bullet or a powder charge and placed some packing behind the rod in the barrel. I wanted to measure how far the primer would push that ramrod up, which would tell me how far the primer could push the powder before the powder ignited. The Fiocchi primer only pushed the rod out of the barrel about 3 inches. The Winchester primer pushed the rod out of the barrel 10 inches. The Remington primers pushed the rod out 13 inches out of the barrel. No other primer I tested pushed the rod any less than the Fiocchi primer. So, through my primer test, I learned that the Fiocchi primer had enough fire to light the powder without pushing the powder charge too far out of the barrel before the powder ignited. I also learned that I could shoot much-tighter patterns with the Fiocchi primer than I could with other primers and that by using the Fiocchi primer, I could shoot consistent patterns shot after shot. That’s the reason I now exclusively shoot the Fiocchi primer.


cva muzzleloaderQuestion: Why do you shoot 110 grains of Blackhorn powder instead of 100 or 150 grains?

Vilorio: For me, 150 grains delivers a heavy recoil and kicks too much. I shot 120 grains of Blackhorn powder and still got a little kick. With 110 grains of Blackhorn powder, I could get between 2,000 and 2,100 feet per second, which allowed the Bushnell Dead On Accurate (DOA) 250 scope to be accurate at 100, 150, 200 and 250 yards. I formulate my powder so that the multiple crosshairs in my scope are dead-on at 100 and 200 yards.


Question: So, what’s your opinion of the CVA Accura and the Bergara barrels?

Vilorio: I can’t believe you can take a factory-made gun out of the box and consistently shoot tight groups, like the CVA Accura and the Bergara barrels will, especially when they’re loaded with 110 grains of the Blackhorn 209 powder, the Barnes Spit-Fire T-EZ bullets and the Fiocchi primer.

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  1. That sounds amazing and hard to believe that some people don’t believe our claims.
    I can’t wait to try the Wolf, I can only imagine how well it is going to shoot.

  2. Hi guys I’m back. Sorry I did not post any thing else until now but had to go to the DIXIE DEER CLASSIC and let me tell it was great, sold every APEX muzzle loader I had there I think it seven and quite a few ACCURAS. People would come up and ask me about the difference between the TC ENCORE AND THE APEX and I would explain it to them and them show them my targets and it was all over with.
    To keep you up dated on what I’m doing I just took my TC ENCORE wtih the BERGARA barrel in 45 caliber to the range today and let me tell “I’M IN LOVE”
    this thing is amazing it recoils less than the 50 caliber it shoot tight groups no matter what kind of sabot I put in it and I tried 4 different ones of course the powder was BLACK HORN 209 110 GR. I wish I new how to put the targets in here with reply but I’m not really that great with computers.
    Any way here is what I shot and group size:
    4. TC SUPER 45 XR 180 GR. GROUP SIZE .490
    This was done without swabbing the bor not even once it was group after group. This show you how amazing this CVA GUNS and BERGARA barrels are. With out question the best in the market.

  3. Carlos: That it incredible! It is amazing the groups you are shooting with your CVA muzzleloader.

  4. Carlos: Another thing, it is not just the CVA Muzzleloader, but also the Bergara Barrels. Both play an important part in your success, along with you just being a darn good shot!

  5. Dudley you are right. The bergara barrels are the most accurate out of the both barrels I ever shot and let me tell you why. Just after I shot the 50 caliber bergara barrel that I have I got an itch for one in 45 caliber but could not find one nay where so I had one custom made by MATCH GRADE MACHINE which cost me 670.00, it wasn’t two days after I receive the barrel that by chance I came across a bergara in 45 caliber granted it was blue but I got it nay way and that is the one used to shoot the targets I sent to you the other day. Well three days later I decided to shoot the custom barrel and I put in it the same sabots and powder charge and primers. To make a long story short I could nto make this custom shop barrel shoot any where close to the bergara, I was highly upset. Here is 670.00 barrel that can’t compete with a 240.00 barrel. This is how good the BERGARA barrels are.

  6. Carlos, I am finding your posts rather interesting and as a new tester it gives me more determination and desire to get out as soon as possible and do some shooting.

  7. Rick all I can tell you “GO DO IT”. I usually shoot on Wed. when I’m off and on Sundays. Can do ti all the time but I do try. You will be real please with the way the WOLF will shoot. I believe in one of your previous replies you said you wish you could hunt with the muzzle loader all year round,Well I don’t know how is there where you live at but here I hunted last year all year with the ACCURA and plan to do so again this year. If I can bring down a deer at 225 yards with it why do I need a rifle . Take care.

  8. I bought the CVA Kodiak on clearance last summer and put a leupold on it. I shot it ten times in the first shooting session, four shots to get it on the paper and then I shot two sub moa groups (5/8 in and 3/4 in). I used the blackhorn 209 as well (no swabbing) with MMP short black sabots and Hornady’s XTP .45 cal, 300 grain bullets. Even with the 300 grain bullets I was shooting 2036-2048 fps. Needless to say I am very happy with the accuracy of this gun. At the risk of sounding dumb, are you getting paid by CVA to test their guns (Rick) or what do you mean by saying you are a new “tester?”

  9. Boon: I’m glad you are happy the Kodiak you bought,and it sound like is shooting great. Like I tell all my customers you don’t have to buy a 800.00 muzzle loader to shoot the groups you have. I have tested every muzzle loader from CVA that I could put my hands on and let me tell you they are amazing. They are accurate, they feel good and in my book a better gun than TC and a better value. Question, how did you like the BH 209 powder? And so you know I’m not a CVA tester and I do not get pay to do the test that I do. I just do it to help my customer get the best there is on the market. All the guns that I have tested except two, the powder primers and sabots I have bought out of my pocket, if I had to do it all over again I would with out any problem. It has help me a great deal and others in the process.
    If you any help at any time feel free to contact me.

  10. I have a 50 cal. accura that I have shot 240 and 300gr xtp’s. Accuracy is very good but not as good as 300TEZ’s. I shot 3 @ 100yds.You could cover them with a quarter. I’m not that good of shot, so I was really impressed. My question is, will the 300gr., 110 BH, CCI primers be accurate with the crosshairs on a bushnell DOA? Dead on at 100,150,200,and 250yds.?

  11. Jim you must mean the Barnes 250 gr. T-EZ bullet because as far As I know they only make it in 250 and 290 gr. but any way to answer your question. Once you sight in the gun dead on at 100 yards or 1/2 high using Bh 209 110 gr. with the cci primers and the bullet mention above all you have today is use the cross hairs that correspond to 100, 150, 180 and 200 yards and pull the trigger. At 180 I found out you can use the 150 or the 200 yards cross hair and you will hit the target. I must recomend that you actually shoot the gun at does ranges using the scope and use a full size deer target like Birchwood Casey sell, that is what I do to make sure how my scope is working. If you have any further questions feel free to contact me at any time either thru this blog or at vilorio2005@aol.com.

  12. Hey Carlos,

    Thank you for all the information that you have shared on this site. I have a CVA Apex in .50 cal MZ that I purchased last year. I have not shot it very much and was wondering what load combination you would recommend for greatest accuracy out to at least 150 yards. I will share with you that myself and a co-worker had ignition problems using Blackhorn 209 during field conditions. His no fire cost him a nice buck and my Apex twice experienced what I call a dud fire. Reduced fire and pop with seemingly a reduced burn or explosion. I know it was a moisture problem, cause I take my gun in the house after every hunt which causes the barrel to sweat. I never had a problem with this action using Triple Seven loose powder and my Knight 209 Wolverine. I ordered some Black Mag XP and loaded a charge in my APEX. I simulated the same conditions as I had with the Blackhorn 209. I left the gun outside in winter conditions for hours, and then brought inside to allow the barrel to sweat. I did this for several days at a time and then went outside and shot the CVA Apex. I had complete ignition and burn with no delay or reduced energy like I experienced twice using Blackhorn 209. I read quite a few blogs of people having the same issues with the Blackhorn powder. It works fine at the range, but under cold, damp field conditions, I believe there is a problem with the flashpoint being extremely high or the powder drawing moisture. I never had ignition problems using my Knight Wolverine and Triple Seven Loose Powder. I will not use Blackhorn 209 in the field. I was wondering if you have any shot loads using Triple Seven or Black Mag XP. I like your primer tests and recommendation for using Fiochi primers. Any information that you can provide for accurate loads for my CVA Apex would be greatly appreciated.



  13. Steve I’m sorry to hear that about the BH 209. I had a similar problem at the range one day and actually did it twice, could not understand why it happen and finally I figure it out when I went to change the breech plug to put a new one in. As I was put the new one I notice that the flash channel was quite a bit larger than the one I took out, upon looking at it more close it I realize the even thought I could see all the way thru the flash channel itself was completely clog up, that is when I contacted one of my buddies and he told me to get a # drill bit to clean it with. You would not believe how much junk was in there. To make a long story short I have never had any more problems with it. I hunt under the same conditions you do and I bring my gun in the house every night and take back out in the morning and I have not had that problem. Maybe that was the problem. Check it out. I kept one loaded with BH 209 from Oct. last year thru Jan. went to Il. did not use came back and did not use and finally after the season was over I fire it with no problem. I now make a habit of cleaning the breech plug flash hole out and then load it for the field. I all ready use three of the ones I loaded on Sept. 10 on a couple just the other week and they went off with out any problem. I believe if you look at you breech plug real close you might find the flash channel is real clog up and that could have been the problem. I have tried Triple Seven but not the Mag Xp, but if you use the Barnes T-EZ with them you should get the same results. Don’t give up on the BH yet, try what cleaning the flash hole up. Let me know if I can help you any further. You can contact me at vilorio2005@aol.com.

  14. Steve I’m sorry I forgot to tell you that you need a number 32 drill bit to clean out the flash channel.

  15. Ken: I use Winchester W-209 with White Hots and have had no problems. You might want to try them. Dudley

  16. I have the accura. I am going to try the Blackhorn 209. What grain bullet in the TEZ? Going to the range Wednesday.

  17. Mike: I’d use either a 250 or a 300 for deer. I am using the new PowerBelt AeroLite 250 with fantastic results in both accuracy and knockdown. And, best of all, you only have to use 100 grains of propellant to get maximum bullet performance. The bullet is actually designed to work best at lower velocities. Dudley

  18. I just purchased a Accura and without firing it first I took it hunting this past Saturday. I followed the direction for loading in the owner’s manual but once I got a gorgeous doe in my sight the rifle wouldn’t fire. The hammer was cocked but i pulled trigger and nothing happened. I opened the breech and changed the primer. That didn’t work either after that the hammer wouldn’t cock. Needless to say the deer got away. What am I doing wrong? I’m using Winchester triple 7 209 primers for muzzleloaders

  19. Kenny: Well, apparently, whatever can go wrong will go wrong. I have no idea what may have caused the gun not to fire, but you can return it to us and we will repair it. But before we do that, did you clean the barrel prior to loading? If not, oil in the barrel may have fouled the charge. Did you fire a primer through prior to loading? This ensures that the fire channel is open and free of obstruction — and will confirm that the primer is being contacted with sufficient force by the firing pin. Lastly, why would you load a gun without ever firing it and then take it to the woods to go hunting? How could you know that the gun was sighted correctly if it did fire? Just asking. Best regards, Dudley

  20. To be honest with you Dudley I was just happy to be off work and in the woods trying something new and different. It was also arrogance on my part assuming the salesman’s claims of accuracy and my USMC training would suffice. In any event I returned it to Bass Pro where I purchased it and they gave me a new rifle. Apparently there was some sort of issue with internal mechanisms which prevented it from cocking and firing. I fired the replacement 20 minutes after leaving the store. I guess all is well that ends well.

  21. Kenny: Yes, and honestly too, I have made that same mistake. Like I said, what can go wrong usually will go wrong, and that for sure happened in this case. I have never heard of an Accura V2 not firing. That you’d have one and the stars all align to lead to your missing the deer is pretty amazing. My only surprise (and relief) is that it was not the biggest buck of your life. In any case, I am glad that Bass Pro took care of you and I hope you have much better luck on your next hunt. Sorry for the problem you had with our gun. Best regards, Dudley

  22. Just bought a used cva accura. Went to buy scope mounts for it and found that everything on durasight’s website is out of stock. I already have a base for the gun and was wondering if you have any ideas on what rings will work if I can’t buy durasights.


  23. Brett: You need the DuraSight Dead On Mount. Medium for up to 40mm. High for anything over 40. Call CVA Customer Service and they will find one for you. 770-449-4687. Dudley

  24. Just spent the afternoon shooting my accura v2 and shot some good groups but not like yours. had a lot of trouble with the blackhorn 209 but liked it as far as not cleaning so often. kept up on cleaning the breech but didnt help. i have some new powder on the way and fiocchiu primers but dont think ill use the blackhorn in the field unless u can give me some advise.i use cci primers and winchester

  25. Dan: Unless you have purchased our Blackhorn Breech plug, you are using the standard QRBP plug that came with the gun. This plug is designed for pellets, not for loose powder and specifically not for Blackhorn, which requires more fire to the charge due to its higher ignition temp. So, you can improve your performance with the standard plug by using Pyrodex Pellets, Triple 7 Pellets, or White Hots Pellets. We like the White Hots the best. Also, use a full power primer with White Hots (and with Blackhorn) like the Winchester W-209. If you want to continue using Blackhorn, order one of the Blackhorn Breech Plugs at http://www.cva.com or call us at 770-449-4687. Good luck, Dudley

  26. thanks i didnt know that i needed a different breech plug to shoot powder. Im having a shootoff with my dad (he has an encore) and ive heard alot about the precision rifle bullets any advise for me.

  27. I have a cva accura and shoot blackhorn 209. What Barnes tez bullet should I use for whitetail deer? 250 or 290 grain? I can shoot up to 200 yards. How much powder for each bullet?

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