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Western Hunt tips from the Guru 1

Tips from Chad Schearer of Shoot Straight TV

Planning a do-it-yourself hunt in the west? Make sure you do your research. Start with the local fish and game agency of wherever you will be hunting. For example, Montana has a hunting planner app that can help you see where to hunt specific animals in specific zones. Since you are doing a DIY hunt, you will need to find out where the public land is.… Read more

Roger Raglin Explains CVA Muzzleloader Moose Hunting is As Good as it Gets

Roger Raglin Explains CVA Muzzleloader Moose Hunting is As Good as it Gets 1

Editor’s Note: Roger Raglin of “Roger Raglin Outdoors” on the Outdoor Channel on Saturdays has hosted the TV show for 10 years. Raglin, who lives in Coweta, Oklahoma, has been in the outdoor industry for 24 years and is one of the most-recognized faces in the outdoor fraternity.

Question: Roger, tell us about your moose hunt.

Raglin: This past year, I drew a Maine moose tag.… Read more

Maine Moose Hunt with Roger Raglin and the CVA Accura 3

Editors Note: Roger Raglin is the Host of “Roger Raglin Outdoors” shown on the Outdoor channel. Roger and his son Josh head out every fall in search of “ Creating memories that money just can’t buy”. Today Roger tells us about a Moose he took down in Maine with his CVA Accura.

I could hear him coming.  There was no doubt about it.  It sounded like a locomotive boiling through the timber.  Limbs snapping and cracking  – trees smashing to the ground.  I’d never heard anything quite like it and it was headed straight my direction.  There wasn’t anything I could do about it either accept get ready for the inevitable.   It was the sound that only North America’s largest land animal could make.  A huge mature moose was making his way through the dense forest to where I was standing.  He was coming in a hurry and with a purpose in mind.  The really funny thing about was – it’s exactly what I’d been waiting for and wanting to happen for about 20 years.… Read more

Main Moose with Roger Raglin