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Get Wet to Take More Bucks 1

Dr. Robert Sheppard, an instructor for deer-hunting schools, has become addicted to watching the Weather Channel during hunting season. Each morning when he gets up, he watches the Weather Channel to see what direction the wind is supposed to be blowing that day, looks for storm fronts and tries to predict when a storm will hit the area he’s hunting. “I always carry a raincoat with me when I see a storm approaching,” Sheppard explains.… Read more


Big buck

Using Deer Lure Effectively

Hank Parker with Muzzleloading BuckI’ve seen a shift in consumer response to attractants. They’ve gone from being really excited about using attractants to having a lower expectation of deer lures to perform. In the last few years, there’s been a huge influx of deer attractants on the market. The hunter is somewhat confused on how to use deer attractants effectively, and some attractants have been less effective than others.… Read more

Fire Up Your Bucks 1

Trophy muzzleloader BuckWhen the weather’s 80+ degrees in Alabama where I live during September and October, I dream of hunting in Canada. Several years ago, I hunted with Whitetail Outfitters in the Interlake Wilderness Area in Manitoba, Canada, between Lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipeg. We had a 1-1/2-hour ride on snowmobiles to reach our base camp near heavily-used deer trails and tree stands.… Read more

Trophy Muzzleloader Whitetail buck

Carol Osswald wins a CVA Muzzleloader

Carol Osswald wins a CVA Muzzleloader and a fan following 5

Carol Osswald wins a CVA Muzzleloader How many times do you enter a contest and think “I could never win” or think that real people don’t win giveaways? Well Carol Osswald proves that wrong. She won an CVA Optima Stainless Camo Thumbhole muzzleloader in a gun giveaway last year from a company that we partnered with called The World Hunting Club. This gave Carol the opportunity to take this huge, beautiful black bear on a hunt in Wisconsin.… Read more

Rattling for Deer in Texas

Author with trophy deerI was hunting at the 30,000 acre Ford Ranch ( in Texas. I like the CVA Apex with a .243 Bergara barrel. Although I like to rattle when I go to Texas, on this hunt, the bucks weren’t reacting to the horns. So, I was hunting with the spot-and-stalk method. We slipped into an area where we knew there was a food plot, and we could get in fairly-
close.… Read more

Author's wife with deer