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How to Take Mature Buck Deer Each Season with Alex Rutledge

Deer SanctuaryI rely heavily on my trail-camera pictures and the information I analyze from them and also have analyzed at to take a mature buck each season. Another factor that goes into my hunting plan – especially during the rut – is on the properties I own and the places I have exclusive rights on to hunt, I don’t harvest does until after the rut.… Read more

Mature bucks hunting with CVA

Successful Hog hunt with the CVA Optima Pistol

Why Hunt With the CVA Optima V2 .50 Caliber Muzzleloader Pistol: The Day I Stared Hurt In the Face

Hunting Hogs and Deer with the CVA Optima V2 PistolThe 275-pound wild boar was less than 20-yards away and running straight for me. As I lay flat on the ground, I could see those long sharp tusks, and I knew what was about to happen.

This outdoor adventure happened some years ago right after the movie, “The Outlaw Josey Wales,” came out, and CVA introduced the Navy Colt, the pistol used in that movie.… Read more

Green Fields As Sanctuaries Can Produce Bucks If…

MBig Buck in Green Fieldembers of most hunting leases/hunting clubs will be having their annual meetings at some time within the next few months. One decision clubs will make that can tremendously impact the number of bucks you harvest off your lease is when the members consider the possibility of not hunting their green fields until the rut arrives. Here’s why: during the rut, the bucks are searching for estrous does to breed.… Read more

Big Buck Killed with CVA Muzzleloader

Big Bull Elk

Let’s Talk Elk

Bull Elk RubsMany western states will begin their elk seasons in the next 6 weeks. Although elk are big animals and present big targets, they can vanish in an instant. You need to learn to talk elk to be successful. I’ve been hunting elk with my dad since I was 3-years old. By the time I was 5, I could use my natural voice to call in elk and to bugle to elk.… Read more

Taking Blackpowder Bull Elk on Public Lands

Lisa Thompson Big Bull Elk BlackpowderI know that the fastest-growing segment in the hunting industry is women discovering the sport of hunting. I’ve been hunting, especially elk, since I was very young, because I grew up in Montana where my entire extended family hunted. My love of hunting has continued until today.

My primary hunting partner is Donnelle Johnson, although I once hunted primarily with my husband Keith, my dad and my brother.… Read more

Lisa Thompson Big Bull Elk Blackpowder