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What Triggers the Beginning of the Rut?

Buck chasing doe during rutAccording to Dr. Harry Jacobson, a retired professor in the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries at Mississippi State University, who still manages numerous game lands, “The doe actually triggers the breeding season for the buck. She defines the rut when she is in estrus.”

Dr. Larry Marchinton, a retired deer researcher at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, has broken the rut down into three periods: pre-rut, rut and post-rut.… Read more

How to Hunt Nocturnal Public Land Deer

Nocturnal Buck DeerHunters across the U.S. often wonder how to hunt when their public-land deer become nocturnal. Here’s a look at what two nationally-known deer hunters have found.

Brad Harris, a well-known deer hunter and videographer, from Neosho, Missouri, is convinced there are trophy bucks on many public-hunting areas throughout the nation. However, he also believes these bucks have learned to use the cover of darkness to hide their movements.… Read more

Whitetail Hunting Checklist: Trailcams

Deer on Trail CamTrail cams are one of the most crucial pieces of equipment I use for deer hunting. Some may have written them off years ago as too expensive, or not worth the hassle. But the days of 35 mm cameras are behind us, and there have been many advances in the technology of trail cams in recent years. Many of the cameras out there now have a sub-1 second trigger speed, Infrared flash, battery life for months, and adjustable between picture delay times down to mere seconds.… Read more

Deer Season Checklist: Scent Control

Big Buck Deer ScentingThe next few weeks we are going to go through a checklist of important things to know before this upcoming deer season. This week will feature the importance of controlling your scent in the field. Some may argue if you play the wind correctly, it doesn’t matter what you smell like. Although this is true on days with a consistent wind, nature isn’t always that generous.… Read more

Step 4 of improving your land: Softmass

By: Dakota Russell

Persimmons make great deer attractant
Persimmons make great deer attractant

Early season deer hunting is typically a very fun time of the year to hunt. Deer are usually honed in on soft mass. I have found over the years that there is a way to improve just about any and every feature of your particular piece of land. With a truck full of fertilizer I set out in the spring to go fertilize some of my choice soft masses, which are often within shooting distance of my favorite early September stands.… Read more

Tips for Hunting Public Land

By: Rick Kratzke

Huge Buck CVA MuzzleloaderI have hunted public land in New England for the past 24 years and have found that it is possible for a hunter to have success here. Although majority of public hunting is the same as on a private tract, there are a few things to take into consideration. As a deer hunter you need to do a certain amount of time in the deer woods scouting, tracking, and setting up trail cameras.… Read more

Hillarie Putnam is not your ordinary bear hunter

The Hunt: Predator or Prey?CVA is proud to announce the use of its popular Accura muzzleloader on last Sunday night’s episode of “The Hunt” on The History Channel. The Hunt is a docu-series highlighting Kodiak bear hunting on Alaska’s rugged Kodiak Island. The Hunt is an eight-episode series that documents one of the most dangerous pursuits known to man.

Hillarie Putnam is not your ordinary bear hunter.… Read more