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Blake Garrett’s First Muzzleloading Mule Deer Buck

Since my hunting partner Robbie O’Bryan had taken his mule deer buck on the first day of our hunt, the next 3 days I was going to hunt and try to take my buck. Although we saw quite a few really-big whitetails, I never had taken a mule deer… Continue reading

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When Blackpowder Deer Hunting with Your CVA Muzzleloader….Don’t Forget the Wind Factor

On my rifle range, I feel pretty confident that I can consistently shoot 4-inch groups at 300 yards with my CVA Accura Mountain Rifle. For this set-up and this type of long range muzzleloader shooting, I always shoot a heavy bullet like a 300 grain Powerbelt Platinum, 120 grains of Blackhorn 209 (measured by volume not weight) and my MR is topped off with a Bushnell Trophy DOA 250 (this scope has the drop chart reticle built in which is a necessity for shooting a muzzleloader farther than 100 yards). Continue reading

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Chris Hodgdon had success in September

My friend David Meile and I were hunting in late September in lovely western Kansas. It was a nice cool, comfortable, and breezy overcast day. After walking several miles in the sand hills, we spotted four mule deer bucks at three hundred fifty yards bedded down in the sage. There are no trees to take cover, so the deer are very wary of movement. We carefully snaked our way around the hills to within a hundred and fifty yards and waited patiently for several hours. Continue reading

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Hunting Muskoxen with Steve West

I loaded my 50-caliber CVA Accura V2 with its Burris Eliminator laser scope before we started climbing up the rocks. As the muskoxen closed the gap between us, I got down on one knee and prepared to take the shot. The herd stopped about 50-yards from us, and the only shot I had was a straight-on frontal shot. I picked-out the biggest muskox in the herd, aimed dead center and shot. Continue reading

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A Blackpowder Bear for Angie Walker

We were hunting for 4 days with Elaine Lake Outfitters in northern Saskatchewan where we try to hunt every year. I took a bear with my bow, and Angie took a bear with her CVA Accura .50 caliber blackpowder rifle. On all our whitetail hunts, we load with 150 grains of powder and a 250-grain PowerBelt Aerolite bullet. Continue reading

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Tony Smotherman Says He Shot The Wrong Buck With His CVA Accura MR

For the last 15 years, I’ve been hunting the same area in Brown County, Illinois. I hunt with a great friend of mine, Toby Stay, who runs Illinois Connection’s North Camp. On this particular trip up north, I was hunting during the second shotgun season last year with my CVA Accura MR.
Continue reading

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Hunting for the future with CVA Pro Tony Smotherman

If you have had the type of season I have had this year, I’m sure you’re tearing your hair out trying to figure out what the deer are doing and where the heck they’re at. Well, I’m not exactly tearing my hair out just yet, but it is getting some gray in it from the 12 hour sits in half a dozen states that equaled into a pile of not so tasty tag sandwiches. Continue reading

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