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Editor’s Note: Carlos Vilorio of Vass, North Carolina, works as an assistant manager and salesman at Ed’s Gun Shop. When Vilorio sells a CVA rifle, he often will take the rifle out, sight-in the rifle for the customer, bring the targets back to the shop, and show the customer the group the CVA rifle has shot. Then he lets the targets speak for themselves.

Carlos with CVA Accura

Carlos with CVA Accura


Question: Carlos, how did you get started hunting with blackpowder rifles?

Vilorio: I watched Jim Shockey on TV take a number of big-game animals shooting a Thompson/Center. So, I decided to try blackpowder hunting and purchased a T/C Encore Endeavor. The first deer I ever took with a blackpowder rifle was at 225 yards, and I’d never seen a blackpowder rifle that would shoot accurately at that range. I never was too excited about CVA because in the early days, the company only had low-end rifles that weren’t known for accuracy at long ranges. But a couple of years ago, the factory representative for Browning and CVA, Tillman Britt, approached me at Ed’s Gun Shop where I work after he’d heard me talk about blackpowder rifles. He started telling me about CVA rifles and the new Bergara barrels. I said, “Listen, Tillman, I’ve heard about CVA rifles, but I’ve never shot one. If you’ll let me shoot one and see what it will do, I’ll tell you what I think.” Three days later, I received a package from Blackpowder Products, Inc. (BPI), CVA’s parent company, with a CVA Accura muzzleloader and a Bergara barrel for my T/C rifle. I tested the Accura and the Bergara barrel on my T/C Encore Endeavor at the range. I couldn’t believe the accuracy of both products and how easily the Accura loaded. I also was very impressed with the trigger on the Accura. Most of the T/C triggers I had tested had 4- to 5-pound pulls, and most of the Accuras I have in the store have 2-1/2-pound pulls straight from the factory.


Question: Tell me what happened the first time you took the CVA Accura to the range to shoot it.

Vilorio: I didn’t know what to expect from the Accura. I’d never shot a CVA rifle, so I didn’t have very-high expectations. The first time I shot a group of three shots, it measured 0.485. I hoped these target results weren’t an accidental fluke – the first three shots out of this Accura were at 100 yards. So, I fired that gun 40 times that day, and every time I fired three shots, I consistently got 0.485 groups. What’s even more amazing is that I didn’t clean the CVA Accura, until I took it home after firing it those 40 times.

CVA Accura at the range

CVA Accura at the range


Question: What scope did you use?

Vilorio: I used a Bushnell Dead On Accurate (DOA) 250.


Question: What powder did you use?

Vilorio: I shot Blackhorn 209 powder, which was one of the reasons I think the Accura kept delivering those types of patterns without having to be cleaned. When I saw the unbelievable accuracy from the CVA Accura, I called Tillman Britt and said, “Hey, we’ve got to start doing business. We need to get these CVA Accuras in our store.” I was truly amazed at the accuracy of this rifle right out of the box.

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4 thoughts on “Accuracy with the CVA Accura Muzzleloader and a Bergara Barrel

  • Rick

    It sure sounds like Carlos has changed his minds on brands. I too had never shot one until I bought the Wolf. It felt right, it cleaned easily, and it was very accurate and could handle a lot of loads before it needed to be cleaned and that was 3 maybe 4 years ago.

    CVA keep on proving that what they say is what they do and muzzlerloader shooters will begin to believe.

  • kylecva

    Thanks, Rick. You are right, a lot of people are changing the way they think about CVA muzzleloaders. For a long time CVA was just thought of as a good gun for the money. The CVA Apex and the CVA ACCURA are chaning that perception. Now, when shooters really compare these guns to their direct competitors, the T/C Encore and the T/C Triumph, they realize that the CVA Muzzleloaders are not just better guns for the money, they are just better guns.

  • Vince

    I am convinced too, and have purchased the Accura V-2 from Midway usa at an excellent price and it is on b.o. but scheduled to ship the first week of april. Cant wait!

  • Dudley McGarity

    Vince: That’s great! Yes, we are currently sold out of CVA Accura V2s, but, as your dealer told you, we will be shipping again very soon. The Accura V2 has developed a well deserved reputation of accuracy and the shooting public is now well aware of it. Sales have been going though the roof, but we have many more guns currently in production. The Bergara Barrel is what makes for the tight groups. Sorry you had to wait. Best regards, Dudley