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Welcome to the Official CVA Muzzleloading Blog. This blog is written by CVA & muzzleloading enthusiasts specifically for you, the reader. We’ll be covering topics from new CVA rifles to hunting strategies to muzzleloading equipment recommendations. Look around, there is something for everyone here. If you are looking for information on something specific we haven’t covered, leave us your question in the comments and we’ll write an article on the topic as soon as we can.

Happy Hunting!

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  1. Kenneth Olzawski says:

    Guys, I have had a CVA muzzleloader for many years and last year was able to get an Optima 209/50 and successfully took 2 deer last year with it. I love the DuraSight mount as well, and was wondering if that is available as a seperate item as I’ve not found it by itself. Also, I was checking the Hornady web site and they noted that they are not going to manufacture any 3o0 Blackout ammunition due to their inability to find a load combo that makes it correct in their way of thinking. This may be a detriment to the sales of this new barrel you’ve come out with, so you may want to consider seeing if this could be remanufactured at some point in the future if you end up with too many of them. This is just an FYI. I have another question and ask why in the new muzzleloader bullet calculator, the 50 cal choice for closer than 100 yards doesn’t include the 250 gr PowerBelt copper bullet at all? I and another man hunt with CVA rifles and we’ve both been very happy with the 250 gr PowerBelt using 209 primers of two different kinds with 100 gr of powder – 2 (50 gr) Pyrodex pellets(though he’d been using 130 gr to start out until the 30 gr pellet got difficult to get). When we shoot at a whitetail here in OK, it goes down quickly and for two amputees with limited walking abilities, this is a very good thing! So, We’d highly recommend the 250 gr copper PowerBelts. In checking the CVA web site the last two months, I’m curious about getting another Bergara barrel to switch out as needed that is a 243, and I’d probably like to get a DuraSight mount along with it, but have not seen that available on the site. If you could, please give me a quote on that and the other question would be is have you thought of offering screw-in chokes for the 20 guage barrel for the Optima as well so we could shoot more than just slugs or what the open barrel allows us to (rabbits, squirrel, or dove possibly)? The other thing that has stuck me is: is it possible to buy only a stock, like the camo, to change it out later if so desired? If so, would it be allowed as a single item, i.e. a forearm, rather than the stock + forearm together (to reduce cost and also to allow the parts that get beat up to be replaced if the rest is OK)? I sure like the idea of being able to have only one gun but to be able to interchange barrels, so I’m sure hoping I can afford what I’d love to have as this would provide an option to have a wife or daughter to shoot this weapon as well as a 7 year old grandson versus trying my 30-06 150 gr SST handloads that might make my wife say it isn’t worth it. If things go well, I’d also love to get a 223 barrel as well as a 308. If a 12 guage or even a 28 guage shotgun barrel was to become availible that would also be a great option with screw-in chokes – I LOVE that 28 guage and so would the little people!! Talk about NO kick (much better than a 410!)!! Well, enough of my questions and ideas so I’ll look forward to your reply as if I can do the same thing to switch barrels like was shown by the man working on the Apex, then that will work out well. I think the Bergara rifle is wonderful as well, but at this point I need to concentrate on the Optima I have and try to have multiple options with this one lovely gun. Thanks!

  2. Charles Coley says:

    I was told tha I had won a gun, and I cannot acess my E-mail to see…..

  3. I have re-sent the original email we sent to the current email address you have provided to this blog. Please reply to that email.

  4. Delbert Stumpf says:

    I own a Kodiak Pro/50 am very pleased with the performance and accuracy, had a little issue when I first got it but sent it in had it fixed promptly. I have a question is it possible to lighten the trigger pull? I would also like to know why this platform was discontinued, I was sold with the design the first time I saw it, it handles good ,is as easy as a front stuffer can be to clean, and shoots great what happened. Thanks!

  5. Kenneth: Wow, that is a lot of stuff to answer, and I am not a particularly good typist. Please call our Customer Service Department at 770-449-4686. One of our guys can address all of your questions by phone. Thanks, Dudley

  6. Delbert: Glad to hear that you like your Kodiak. Yes, we probably could lighten the trigger a bit. All you’d need to do is send it to our shop with a note asking for the trigger adjustment. Our address is — CVA Repairs, 1685 Boggs Rd., Suite 300, Duluth, GA 30096. The Kodiak was also one of my favorite rifles and I hunted with it for years. However, our break-actions always sold much better than the Kodiak. Why, I don’t really know. Anyway, the market just seemed to prefer the Wolf, Optima, and Accura models to a much greater degree, so that is what we have been concentrating on building, yet we are still having trouble building enough to meet demand. Best regards, Dudley

  7. Delbert Stumpf says:

    Dudley:Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I will probably utilize the services of your shop, I think a little lighter trigger will really help my groups. Maybe after season, it is getting to close here in IL. to take a chance on not having it back, don’t want to see the opener come and not have my Kodiak.

    Thanks again


  8. Delbert: My pleasure. Thanks for shooting CVA. Good luck this season. Best regards, Dudley

  9. paul says:

    how can i win a new muzzle loader my staghorn is about done. having trouble with the breeh plug for some reason

  10. Joe says:

    Hello Dudley, I am very interested in the Acura MR – however I am hearing conflicting reports about if it can use open sights or not. It would appear that the barrel is drilled for it but I am still not sure. Could you please shine some light on this? Thank you for your help.

  11. Paul: Check out our website and you can enter there. Also, there is another contest at OneillOutside.com. As for you Buckhorn, you can send it back to us for repair. Just contact our Customer Service Department at 770-449-4687. Thanks, Dudley

  12. Joe: The butt stock on the Accura MR is designed for use with optics. The comb height is too high for any sights that we have found. At first, we drilled and tapped for sights, thinking that their might be some out there. However, we never found any that would work well. All future production of the Accura MR will not have the sight holes — so as to avoid confusion. Thanks, Dudley

  13. jim cooke says:

    i have a cva accura 45 calibur,and it is the most awesome gun i have ever owned,at 200 yards i can hit a 2″ bullseye dead center,i killed one of my dear at 150 yards dead center through the heart

  14. Scott says:

    Hi All! I’m Scott and I’m new (as of today) to the world of muzzle loaders. My father gave me a .50 cal Hawken CVA rifle. I know NOTHING about muzzle loaders and would appreciate any/all insight on how to clean/lubricate the rifle properly, as well as operational safety (loading/firing/etc.) Thanks in advance!

  15. Scott,

    Welcome to a big family of Muzzleloading hunters! Here is a link to some videos that will help you start out. http://www.cva.com/Blackpowder-Videos.php?section=Muzzleloading%20Basics#b


  16. jhayden1 says:

    This is one great place to read and learn about CVA Muzzleloaders , and Hunting stories through the world and lot’s of Great tip’s that I have learned while reading all these Blog’s , awesome job CVA Muzzleloader and Thank’s for letting me be apart of this –Jeff Hayden

  17. Charles Hewes says:

    Where do I send my CVA for repair.?

  18. Hello Charles: Just send it, along with a note giving a full explanation of the problem and your contact info, to: CVA Repairs, 1685 Boggs Road, Suite 300, Duluth, GA 30096. We’ll be looking for it! Best regards, Dudley

  19. johnny skinner says:

    I have a cva wolf muzzleloader and I am trying to find a trigger assembly for it. Does anyone know where I can find one for sale?

  20. wayne says:

    I was changing scopes on my Optima and guess I tightened the mounts a little to much dumb move I know but ive owned several CVAs over the years and this was my first silver,nickle,syainless whatever u use to make the barrels and first time to ever have this problem what can I do to fix this can your repair department redrill the hole or do I have a expensive piece of metal. Ive mounted a lot of scopes and never had this happen have you had this problem with your rifles with the silver barrels?

  21. Vince says:

    I have a cva scout ,ive only shot it twice 2 years ago,i forgot about the powder pellets,i put 2 in ,last time i shot.but i dont remenber if the flat side goes in first or the sligthly shiny rounded side ,or if i should use 2 or 1 pellet,its a 50 caliber

  22. Johnny: Call our Customer Service guys at 770-449-4687 and they will direct you as to where to find the part. Thanks, Dudley

  23. Wayne: Sure, we can repair it for you. Just send the gun to us with a note explaining the problem. Call 770-449-4687 if you have any questions. Thanks, Dudley

  24. Vince: The dark end of the Pyrodex Pellet goes in first. Each pellet is 50 grains equivalent. So, for 100 grains you should use two pellets. Good luck, Dudley

  25. Pat Gregory says:

    Need info on what models have inter-changable barrel system. Soon to be first time owner of muzzle loader and CVS will be my choice. Thinking 50 pr 54 cal – and a 223 combo. Thanks for your time in advance. Pat

  26. We currently only have one type of model that has this option. It is call the Apex. Here is a link with more info about it http://www.cva.com/Apex-Rifle-from-CVA.php

  27. charles sheppard says:

    have you had any problem with ate accura 2 caps not going off first time but will go off the 2 time?

  28. I’m not familiar with that being an issue however, I would be sure to clean your firing pin. Fouling can develop on your firing pin, firing pin spring, and bushing. If this area is not clean it can cause a misfire or your firing pin to stick. If your firing pin is damaged and you want a new one, they can be ordered here: http://www.cva.com/CVA-Store-View.php?id=564

  29. Ronald Paulino says:

    When and if you ever get around to makeing a interchangable barrels for the Accura v2 I would be Very interested in getting one. I got the the Accura V2 last year and realy didn’t get a chance to hunt with it , only shot it a\t the range and I am very please at the acurasy it shoots 1and 1/2 moa at 100 yards. Thanks ron paulino

  30. We are happy to hear that you are enjoying the CVA Accura V2. I’m sorry to say that the Acccura line of muzzleloaders are not designed to be interchangeable. Each barrel is fitted to each frame.

  31. charles sheppard says:

    sent my accura for repair. got it back with dents in breech plug and scratches on on gun were they may have put it in vice. gun go off now but still hitting off center. am not happy with the way I got my bran new gun back!!!what can I do now? why does the pin not hit center? please respond.

  32. sent my new accura back after being repaired.waiting for somebody to respond to me on why pin not hitting cap center and why my gun came back with scratches and dented breach plug.

  33. Ronald Paulino says:

    It is to bad the AccuraV2 cant interchange Barrels like t he Optima and Apex. I should have waited until I had All the Facts and bought the Apex instead. Thanks Ron

  34. Pat Gregory says:

    I thought the Apex was the only interchangable barrel gun?

  35. Pat,

    Yes, the Apex is our only current gun with an interchangeable barrel system.


  36. Charles,

    I am sorry to hear that. Our Customer Support team would be glad to assist you in this matter. They can be contacted at 770-449-4687 and here is a link to the Contact us page http://www.cva.com/contact.php

    I hope that helps,

  37. they replaced my accura with a new gun.other accura had a screw out piece on end of ram rod new one does not.my question is. if I am stalking and get a shot with the palm saver on one end .how do I reload the gun.?if I put something on the other end of ram rod it will not fit back into the ram rod holder.the palm saver will only fit on one end of the ram rod.i have the brass extender but it will not fit back in gun unless I take it back off. can you help?

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