Tips on Hunting Food Plots

Whitetail Deer Hunting with CVA MuzzleloaderThousands of dollars are invested each year in planting green fields for deer. However, green fields may not yield the sizes and the numbers of bucks they’re created to produce. The one reason that keeps any green field from being used by bucks is intense hunting pressure.

To know where and when a deer will show up on a green field, we must understand about the field before we begin to hunt it.… Read more

Whitetail Deer Hunting over food plot with CVA Muzzleloader

Elk Killed with CVA .300 Win Mag Apex

.300 Win Mag Apex Review 1

Huge Elk with CVA MuzzleloaderI never made a shot at more than 150 yards when hunting white-tailed deer in the East, throughout elementary and high school and even in college. I hunted deer with a shotgun, the only legal deer-hunting gun then in my home state. But when I interviewed deer hunters in later years, I learned that many hunted deer with deer rifles with telescopic sights.… Read more

A Review of the CVA OPTIMA V2 Pistol 3

ThereDeer Bedding Down in Field are several good reasons why every hunter should carry a CVA OPTIMA V2 .50 caliber pistol with him or her when hunting in states that allow hunters to carry pistols as well as rifles.

Once my dad was sitting on a stump with his hands supporting his head when my brother and I arrived at his stand site after hearing him shoot.… Read more

Hunter with Optima V2 Pistol

Deer funneling past stand site

Tips to Funnel Deer Past Your Stand

Deer Walking past stand siteMany hunters are accurate shots and superb woodsmen who can find feeding and traveling areas. But being able to locate and take those deer are only two-thirds of the requirement for taking deer. To get a shot, the deer must come within your range. Deer may work through an area without well-established trails to hunt over, or there may be two or three trails coming into a region with no way to determine which trail is the most productive.… Read more

How to Take Mature Buck Deer Each Season with Alex Rutledge 3

Deer SanctuaryI rely heavily on my trail-camera pictures and the information I analyze from them and also have analyzed at to take a mature buck each season. Another factor that goes into my hunting plan – especially during the rut – is on the properties I own and the places I have exclusive rights on to hunt, I don’t harvest does until after the rut.… Read more

Mature bucks hunting with CVA