How to Take Mature Buck Deer Each Season with Alex Rutledge 1

Deer SanctuaryI rely heavily on my trail-camera pictures and the information I analyze from them and also have analyzed at to take a mature buck each season. Another factor that goes into my hunting plan – especially during the rut – is on the properties I own and the places I have exclusive rights on to hunt, I don’t harvest does until after the rut.… Read more

Mature bucks hunting with CVA

Trophy Whitetail Deer with Compact CVA Wolf

Is the CVA Wolf Muzzleloader Right for Me?

Trophy Whitetail DeerEach of my seven grandchildren all would answer, “Yes, the CVA Wolf muzzleloader is right for me.” If you want to get your grandchildren or children started in deer and big-game hunting, then try the short, compact and just-the-right size Wolf muzzleloader for youngsters or small-frame adults. Priced at entry level, the Wolf will bring hours of blackpowder deer hunting fun to you, your children and your grandchildren.… Read more

How to Take More Trophy Bucks With Your Blackpowder Rifle

Shooting a Whitetail deer with a CVA MuzzleloaderFor the last 20 or 30 years, the big push has been to plant green fields to provide supplemental feed for deer and to create an easier place to harvest deer. However, the more you hunt over your green fields, the less likely you’ll be to take a mature buck there. Successful blackpowder hunters use these tactics to take older-age-class bucks each year:

* Get a map of the property you hunt, and eliminate all the places you won’t hunt this coming season.… Read more

Trophy CVA Muzzleloader Whitetail Deer

How to Prepare for Deer Season with CVA Pro Scott Cronin 2

Most hunters may not realize what potential summer holds in relationship to prepaCVA Pro Scott Croninration for the upcoming hunting season. Over recent years many hunters have come to realize the importance of dedicating time throughout summer to manage their lands. A growing number of hunters have started dedicating more time, energy, and dollars managing their hunting properties. Summer is a great time of year to dedicate some of your time both in the field and on the range.… Read more

Scott Cronin with Big Muzzleloading Deer