Fire Up Your Bucks 1

Trophy muzzleloader BuckWhen the weather’s 80+ degrees in Alabama where I live during September and October, I dream of hunting in Canada. Several years ago, I hunted with Whitetail Outfitters in the Interlake Wilderness Area in Manitoba, Canada, between Lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipeg. We had a 1-1/2-hour ride on snowmobiles to reach our base camp near heavily-used deer trails and tree stands.… Read more

Trophy Muzzleloader Whitetail buck

Rattling for Deer in Texas

Author with trophy deerI was hunting at the 30,000 acre Ford Ranch ( in Texas. I like the CVA Apex with a .243 Bergara barrel. Although I like to rattle when I go to Texas, on this hunt, the bucks weren’t reacting to the horns. So, I was hunting with the spot-and-stalk method. We slipped into an area where we knew there was a food plot, and we could get in fairly-
close.… Read more

Author's wife with deer


Hunting Backyard Bucks 1

Big BuckWhile walking my dogs in the backyard in 2012, they jumped up a bunch of does with one big buck that had antlers out past his ears. I put trail cameras out in the woods at the back of my house. The deer had run out of my neighbor’s property where he had planted a pine thicket onto my next door neighbor’s field I was renting for hunting.… Read more

Deer Calls with Chris Kirby, President of Quaker Boy Calls

Trophy deer taken with callEditor’s Note: I’m an avid muzzleloader hunter. Outdoor writer John Phillips calls me a converter. I hunt with my .50 caliber CVA Apex, but then when muzzleloading season is over, I convert my Apex by putting a Bergara .243 barrel on it to hunt deer.

I was hunting in Missouri one time during the late muzzleloader season. I had been successfully taking deer during archery season in this area and had seen an 8-pointer during bow season.… Read more

Thug Brawler Call