The Perfect Turkey Hunt

Gobbler on a Limb“Aren’t you going to go pick up your bird?” my friend Scott Dillon asked some years ago when we turkey hunted together. I just had squeezed the trigger of my old CVA Trapper at 20 steps. I smiled and answered, “No, not yet. Let’s just sit here, and be still and quiet for a few minutes. I want to reflect on the hunt.”

I realized that I just had had one of the most unusual turkey hunts ever.… Read more

John resting against a tree with his gobbler

Daniel McVay with Biggest Buck Ever

CVA’s Daniel McVay’s Biggest Buck Ever

Daniel McVay with Accura MRI’m often asked, “What is a faith-based outdoor TV show?” The Good Lord has blessed us with a TV show, and we intend to use it to help spread His word. Our shows give us the platform to teach how to hunt big deer consistently every year, and how to manage the land to produce older-age-class deer every year. We also want to show how the Good Lord has His hand in all this.… Read more

How to Shoot at Running Deer

Running DeerOnce while hunting deer in South Dakota some years ago, my guide, Chris Yeoman of Rapid City, asked, “How well can you shoot, John?” I thought to myself that was like asking someone, “How pretty is your wife?” If you didn’t think she was the best-looking woman you’d ever seen, then why would you have married her? And if you didn’t think you were a good shot, then why would you be out hunting?… Read more

Running Deer

Daniel McVay with a big NW Oklahoma Buck!

How to be an Outdoor TV Host

Daniel McVay with a big NW Oklahoma Buck!

Daniel McVay with a big NW Oklahoma Buck!

I grew up in the State of West Virginia where hunting wasn’t a hobby. Hunting was the way we survived. The woods and waters were our grocery stores. On our TV show, “BuckVentures Outdoors” (, we want our viewers to see how serious we are about whitetail management. Primarily, our show is about whitetail hunting.… Read more