How to Prepare for Deer Season with CVA Pro Scott Cronin   Recently updated !

Most hunters may not realize what potential summer holds in relationship to prepaCVA Pro Scott Croninration for the upcoming hunting season. Over recent years many hunters have come to realize the importance of dedicating time throughout summer to manage their lands. A growing number of hunters have started dedicating more time, energy, and dollars managing their hunting properties. Summer is a great time of year to dedicate some of your time both in the field and on the range.… Read more

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Why I Deer Hunt on Cattle Farms

Cattle roaming in a Snowy fieldThere are several reasons why I prefer to hunt cattle farms. Cattle ranchers know that they have to have highly-nutritious soils to produce grasses and hay on which the cattle can feed. On a cattle farm, the rancher understands that he has to feed his cattle all year long. A cattle man also realizes that cattle have to have water and also pastures with some type of thickets and shade trees.… Read more

How to Choose the Right Brand and Amount of Powder for Your CVA Rifle 1

CVA Accura Muzzleloader Best Load to use“I have five, different, 3-inch Magnum turkey shotguns, and I hunt with each,” outdoor writer John E. Phillips says. “Each of those guns patterns a different brand and size of shot best. So, I’ve learned that regardless of the gun you shoot, the type of shell and the amount of powder you shoot, you can shoot better groups by letting the gun tell you what brand, what bullet, and what powder it shoots best.”

As Americans, we generally unconsciously believe that more is better.… Read more

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You Need a Truck Gun: Here’s How, Why, When and Where to Use It 7

Hunter with CoyoteWhen I first heard the words, truck gun, I immediately thought of a gun that poachers would use to shoot game out of their trucks at night. Living in the South, this was the only kind of gun I could even imagine someone shooting from a truck. However, as I hunted in the Midwest and the West, I learned that a truck gun there is usually a short gun that is easily maneuverable.… Read more

Green Fields As Sanctuaries Can Produce Bucks If…

MBig Buck in Green Fieldembers of most hunting leases/hunting clubs will be having their annual meetings at some time within the next few months. One decision clubs will make that can tremendously impact the number of bucks you harvest off your lease is when the members consider the possibility of not hunting their green fields until the rut arrives. Here’s why: during the rut, the bucks are searching for estrous does to breed.… Read more

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