“Save Money and Grow More and Bigger Deer” with John E. Phillips and Austin Delano

Big Trophy Monster DeerBy now at the first of June, on your hunting lands, you should have turned the ground, gotten a soil test, put your lime and fertilizer down and planted your green fields. Now you think you can sit back and wait for blackpowder season to arrive to harvest the bucks that come to that green field. But can you increase the amount of delicious, nutritious food in that field?… Read more

Tractor making deer hunting food plot

Marking Waypoints on GPS

How to Prepare for Deer Season Now

Bachelor Group of Deer TravellingNo matter how expert the hunter, how much he knows about deer, or what type of terrain he hunts, fate always can deal him a hand that will make him unsuccessful. But a consistently-successful hunter sets up in a place when and where deer most often will show up. To pinpoint such a spot, you need to learn the keys to scouting success.… Read more

Finding Older-Age-Class Deer Now to Hunt in the Fall

Big Mature Bucks in VelvetThree tactics drastically will increase your odds for taking an older-age-class buck in the coming season. You can:
* plant supplemental green fields, put out mineral licks close to those green fields, place a feeder close to the green fields and fertilize naturally-occurring grasses, shrubs and fruit and nut trees;
* find small properties and/or remote properties that most hunters never consider hunting them; and
* do all of the above.… Read more

Aerial Map

John resting against a tree with his gobbler

The Perfect Turkey Hunt

Gobbler on a Limb“Aren’t you going to go pick up your bird?” my friend Scott Dillon asked some years ago when we turkey hunted together. I just had squeezed the trigger of my old CVA Trapper at 20 steps. I smiled and answered, “No, not yet. Let’s just sit here, and be still and quiet for a few minutes. I want to reflect on the hunt.”

I realized that I just had had one of the most unusual turkey hunts ever.… Read more

CVA’s Daniel McVay’s Biggest Buck Ever

Daniel McVay with Accura MRI’m often asked, “What is a faith-based outdoor TV show?” The Good Lord has blessed us with a TV show, and we intend to use it to help spread His word. Our shows give us the platform to teach how to hunt big deer consistently every year, and how to manage the land to produce older-age-class deer every year. We also want to show how the Good Lord has His hand in all this.… Read more

Daniel McVay with Biggest Buck Ever