CVA To Expand Nitride Barrels Into Its Optima Line 11

CVA is proud to present the new Optima V2 Nitride

CVA is proud to present the new Optima V2 Nitride

In 2014 CVA introduced the latest in high-tech barrel steel treatments to its ACCURA line of muzzleloading rifles, a technique known as Salt Bath Ferritic Nitrocarburization. After a very successful reception by the market, the company is now announcing that it will offer the “Nitride” treated barrels in its middle price-point OPTIMA V2 line of muzzleloaders.… Read more

CVA is proud to present the new Optima V2 Nitride

Snow Blind

Musings from Deer Camp 2013

Snow Blindby: Dennis Pellegrom

In the morning we woke to super cold and windy. Some of the guys are doing the morning hunt then heading back to the responsibilities at home. There is a noticeable lack of enthusiasm in their body language as they get ready for the hunt. I’m preparing for a good day with the hope that eventually the weather will break and the deer will begin to forage while the second rut gets going.… Read more

Fear of the Deer

Hunter walking through woods“Deer learn to fear man just like any other animal learns to fear man,” Dr. Keith Causey, retired professor of wildlife science at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama, says. “Man’s been a predator, and deer has been a prey species for thousands of years. The deer that don’t fear man have been weeded-out of the population. Fear by prey of a predator comes from experience and from being taught by the more-mature members of the population.”

Dr.… Read more



Arctic Circle Caribou Part 1

Dan Mortensen in Alaskaby Dan Mortensen

Campfire Stories Pro Staff

The Cessna 209 roared back to life and Dave and I watched it taxi down the tundra “runway” and turn back into the wind. We had been dropped over 400 miles from the closest civilization, two hundred miles above the arctic circle. As the pilot whizzed pass us a mere 50 feet away, the sounds of his engine echoed off the canyon walls.… Read more

Get Wet to Take More Bucks 1

Dr. Robert Sheppard, an instructor for deer-hunting schools, has become addicted to watching the Weather Channel during hunting season. Each morning when he gets up, he watches the Weather Channel to see what direction the wind is supposed to be blowing that day, looks for storm fronts and tries to predict when a storm will hit the area he’s hunting. “I always carry a raincoat with me when I see a storm approaching,” Sheppard explains.… Read more